The first metal that was ever used by humans was copper – melted together with tin it created bronze, something which changed civilisation so much, a whole era was named after it – the bronze age. Weapons, tools and crockery were all made using this fantastic new material.

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. We used to think that smart phones were nothing but a luxury for the elite – but that is not the case anymore. Nowadays, everyone has one to keep in touch with their friends and business associates. And what makes these phones even more interesting is […]

We are all worried about the speed of the Internet. If you have a good service, a fiber network or ADSL that allows you to enjoy navigation with ease, but observe a certain slowness, you may have to study other aspects. In some cases, the location of the router, browser, plugin or add-on may be […]

New tools can support the protective action of the antivirus in your computer: in the article, we’ll show how to scan without installing programs. Here, we’ll show the best online antivirus scanner. There must be a reason if all the major providers continue to offer us offers and advertising to get more Giga, more bandwidth or […]

It sure has happened to you. You need to use Google Maps urgently and you do not have coverage. Precisely are those times when we do not have an Internet connection when we need to consult a map. For example, in another country without international data rate or lost in a place with little coverage. […]

Whoever uses a PC frequently can happen to need a USB pen drive bootable, for example, to load on an operating system to restore the PC, or perhaps to perform a format. A bootable USB pen is also useful for a netbook or ultrabook that does not own a disc player or to recover data […]

The Internet allows us to buy comfortably from the sofa at home. Simply use one of the platforms that exist or access the web of our supermarket to refill the fridge. In this case, we show you how to buy on eBay in 3 easy steps.

One of the most common mistakes faced by any user with Google Chrome. It is the message of “impossible to establish a connection” or “web page not available” or “this web page is not available” or “DNS server not available.” There is no doubt that everyone, at least once have been able to go through […]

If you have decided to buy an electric sander because you think you can get much out of it. If you do not know where to start, in this article we explain how to use an electric sander in a simple way. An electric sander is a very useful tool that you can find with […]

Although getting a new website up and running can appear to be a complex process, there are essentially three main steps you need to follow. Image Credit 1. Choose a platform There are various different content management systems (CMS) you can choose to build your website, so it is important you take time to consider […]