How to decorate your room with design elements

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Reality TV series on home decorations try to make you think that only designers can solve our problems. Here are some tips to find in you the perfect designer.

Compose a basic kit

Go with the good old design planning method that is easy to follow, economical, fun and without all the commercial bla-bla: a house kit consisting of a ruler, a pencil, grid paper, DIY paper and a tape measure.


A touch of originality

Do you remember what the refrigerators looked like in the old days? Today, they are more likely to be covered with an astronomical amount of magnets than anything else is.

  • Although a refrigerator with notes, photographs, restaurant menus, or other such stuff is of great use to busy people, you should not neglect to put it in order occasionally. Time.
  • Why do not you find magnets that actually represent you? You can make them yourself with hot glue, small magnets (available in craft stores), tiny souvenirs and other finds, such as shells, clip earrings (but without the clips), museum pins, smooth and flat river pebbles or original buttons.


Create a point of convergence in your rooms

The point of convergence of a room is usually the first visual element to be noticed. Without obvious convergence, the piece loses its personality and then seems to us disorderly or incomplete, no matter how good the furniture is.

  • The quickest and most economical way to give a bit of style to an insipid room is to use the items you already have.
  • Take time to find the logical point of convergence of your piece, and then go around the trinkets that you have stowed (or forgotten) in your wardrobes and your attic.

Some ideas:

  • The brightly colored decorative cushions or a quilt will bring out any ordinary bed.
  • Frame your beautiful silk scarf or lace shawl that has been dragging at the bottom of your drawer for years, and then hang it on the wall behind your bed.
  • If your fireplace and the coat of your chimney do not stand out well enough, empty up your paint residue and change the color of the bottom wall. Hang a large mirror over the mantelpiece or place a series of decorative ceramic plates.
  • Get rid of the superfluous to attract the eye to a point of convergence: remember that less is more, so try to rotate your trinkets rather than expose everything, all the time.

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A laundry basket as a pillow nest

That is it! The room is supersaturated with all these beautiful decorative pillows! What to do? Turn your old wicker basket into cushioned containers.

  • If you have a plastic laundry basket, place it on a sheet that will fold over the rim of the basket (as if you were packing a gift).
  • Then fill it with pillows and no one will notice that you have not bought it in one of these upscale decoration shops.

Easy to add a little color and order to your pieces with these simple tips.


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