Insomnia: Natural Remedies

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Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, which definitely happened to everyone at least once in life, but for many, it is a chronic problem.

Causes of insomnia

There are many causes which may disturb the normal sleep cycle making it difficult to fall asleep, forcing sufferers frequent nocturnal interruptions, nightmares, sleepwalking, early awakenings etc.

Some diseases in itself can cause insomnia, such as depression, bipolar disorder, hyperthyroidism, asthma with sleep apnea, nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux, headache, parkinsonism and other.

InsomniaAlso, many people who work at night or who travel a lot by plane and then are subjected to jet lag have busted the sleep-wake cycle and have difficulty restoring it.

Even the psychological causes of insomnia are important in appearance, from simple nervousness until you get to the states of prolonged anxiety.

But the most common behavioral causes concern improper sleep hygiene and sleep that afternoon, go to bed always at a different time, eating heavy at night, use stimulants (caffeine, cola, alcohol), watching television in bed, etc.

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Insomnia sufferers

It was found that about 15% of the population suffers from sleep disorders, and the percentage rises to 32% for those over 60.

Leaving aside the causes related to the aforementioned diseases, those suffering from insomnia is a person, which it is not at peace with itself, which has anxiety problems, neurosis, depression or desire for control.

Also seriously affect the conditions in which you fall asleep, so they are called into question the night traffic on the street, the noises, the noisy neighbors etc.


Stress is an alteration of the mental and bodily balance of the organism, which can become chronic and wear down the individual doing lose the ability to develop appropriate responses and behaviors to real external needs. Stress is due to increasingly widespread illnesses including anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.

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Good habits

Many people have found relief if not a remedy to his insomnia by taking the simple rules of conduct. Healthy living with afternoon physical activity (not just before going to bed), food not too fat and abundant in the evening and elimination of stimulants would promote good sleep all night. Regulate the sleep-wake cycle by going to bed at about the same time and do not sleep in the afternoon is another method to try to sleep well at night. Drink a cup of warm milk that contains high levels of tryptophan is a good natural sedative if you want to avoid taking sleeping pills. In addition, if you are not able to sleep, you get up and do other activities, going back to bed only when he returned to sleep.

If the origin of our insomnia is stress or anxiety, we can start a therapy by consulting a psychologist. If you suspect that there may be organic causes, such latent allergies (often the lactose as a cause of insomnia), you may want to consult a dietitian or an allergist.

Natural Remedies

The ancient technique of acupuncture is used in cases of insomnia with good results. The herbal medicine offers many herbs by the effect of a mild sedative and relaxing, which can be used individually or associated with each other, in addition, kratom is one of the natural substance helps to sleep. It contains alkaloids that interact with the body and mind and offers peace of mind to our working and overly stressed brain. It also has sedative properties that are useful to put someone to sleep.

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Against insomnia, it is also used another substance, melatonin, a hormone produced by a gland located at the base of the brain (pineal gland) that acts on the hypothalamus and has the function of regulating the sleep-wake cycle. Melatonin is sold as a dietary supplement notified the Ministry of Health.


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