The many health benefits of sailing

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If you love being near on the water, then you should consider sailing as a both a fun and healthy pastime. You can relax on a serene lake, race against others at high speeds or navigate across the ocean. Whichever style takes your fancy, there are many health benefits as sailing is a great fitness activity. You are in control of your own destiny, while simultaneously being at the mercy of the elements. If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the top benefits of sailing:

Cardiovascular fitness

Sailing is perfect if you want to improve your cardiovascular health. This can help reduce the risks of obesity, high blood pressure and other associated heart illnesses. The intensity of sailing means you take in large amounts of oxygen, which is highly beneficial.

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Muscle strength

As well as building muscle strength, sailing improves endurance. Sailing involves a wide range of movement, from hoisting and pulling to pushing and leaning. All these activities combine to provide a whole-body workout that improves muscle strength all over your body but particularly your back and shoulders.

Mental well-being

Being outside and spending time in nature is a real mood-booster. The calming water and fresh air are a balm for the soul. Being on the sea, you’ll also benefit from charged ions of the salty sea air that help the body’s absorption of oxygen and balances serotonin levels. The better your serotonin levels are balanced, the happier we feel. Why not bring the happy feelings into your home too, with Oars & Nautical décor from ?

Reduce stress

The soothing sound of the water, the gentle sway of the boat and wind blowing in the sails all have an impact on your brainwaves. Anyone suffering from stress or anxiety will greatly appreciate the relaxing feelings that come from hearing these noises and responding to the rhythmic movements of the boat.

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Have better concentration

Sailing forces a focusing of the mind, as you carry out multiple tasks to keep you safe while on board and to navigate where you want to go. Many of us multi-task in our daily lives and sailing can help improve our concentration levels.

Improves communication skills

If you go sailing as a team, it’s imperative that the captain and crew work as a unified team. To enable this to happen, communication is key and especially in noisy conditions, non-verbal communication as well. Everyone plays an important role.


You must have heard the phrase ‘shipshape’. Well, there’s a reason why the phrase for keeping things in order and organised is nautical in nature. Everything on a boat must run smoothly and once you get into this mindset; other aspects of your life will become more organised too.



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