Victoria Beckham is showing off a new engagement ring

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Victoria Beckham is famous for her extensive engagement ring collection, which contains several expensive pieces believed to have been given to her over the years by her husband David. She’s recently been photographed wearing yet another new ring, which is apparently the 14th in her huge collection. The Beckhams got engaged 20 years ago this year, but David still maintains his habit of giving his wife engagement rings.

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The Beckhams have recently been in the news for all the wrong reasons, with many outlets claiming their marriage is in trouble after rumours surfaced of David having an affair. However, Victoria herself heaped praise on her famous partner at the recent Forbes Women’s Summit in New York. According to Hello, she explained that she always has the support of her “incredible” husband.

Her newest engagement ring is a square-cut yellow diamond placed on a beautiful pave diamond band. Photographers snapped her sporting the latest ring while she was in New York recently, but she’d already been spotted wearing it a few weeks previously in London.

Victoria’s engagement ring collection

As well as the most recent addition to her collection, Victoria has been seen wearing a similar diamond previously, but this one was not yellow like the latest one. She also has a stunning cushion-cut emerald ring, a striking oval-cut sapphire, a 17-carat pear diamond and a beautiful oval-cut ruby.

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The original engagement ring

The Beckhams’ original engagement ring was arguably the plainest and most modest of all. This was a pretty three-carat marquise-cut diamond accompanied with a plain gold band. This was the ring presented to Victoria by David when the couple got engaged 20 years ago in 1998. Even before their engagement, the celebrity couple became staples of the tabloid press and barely a week goes by without news of their family life appearing online or in print media.


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