Abarth 595 vehicle range, design and rivals

Abarth 595

Year of release: 2008, current generation: 2016.

The Abarth 595 is the evolution of the iconic Abarth 500 model. This evolution brings with it more powerful engines, larger series equipment and innumerable innovations, some even reserved for vehicles of higher segments. The Abarth 595 is a compact, light and very agile vehicle, as well as a unique model in terms of configuration and personalization capabilities, both inside and outside.

The Abarth 595 vehicle range

Abarth 595

In summary, the Abarth 595 is the natural heir of the model launched in 2008 and combines performance, technology, and that emblematic Italian design. Available with a sedan or convertible body, the Abarth 595 offers three trim levels: 595 Base, 595 Turismo, and 595 Competizione. In Auto Bild, we have faced the Abarth 595 Competizione against the Abarth 124 Spider.Likewise, these finishes have three power levels to meet all the demands of potential buyers. Read if Do you have a car? Learn to save and earn money with your car

Many of the improvements introduced in this model derive from the experience gained with the development of the Abarth 695 Biposto, the utility with a true spirit of competition, as you can see in our test. The 595 Base version, unique and affordable, is the basic Abarth model, with all the standard equipment to guarantee that pleasure and enjoyment characteristic of the Scorpion brand.

Also, the 595 is the starting point for those drivers who want to customize their car to make it completely unique. Here you have all the details of the new Abarth range. The 595 Competizione and 595 Turismo versions are the expressions of two other distinctive features of Abarth. The first, more ‘purist’, is designed for enthusiasts of performance and sportsmanship. The second reflects the classic values of the Italian GTs with compact and perfect dimensions to circulate in the city.

Design of the small Italian sports car

Abarth 595

The exterior of the new Abarth 595 is designed to enhance performance . It has a front with oversized air inlets, which improve the heat management in the engine compartment and increases the cooling capacity. All this resulting in higher performance. Abarth engineers have also worked the rear bumper to achieve a more pronounced and sporty diffuser.

It also has specific inserts in the bumper for each level of finish: they are matt black in the 595, the color of the body in the 595 Turismo and with the ‘Cold Gray’ finish in the 595 Competizione. Also new are the front and rear optical groups, with polielípticos lights and daytime driving lights using LED technology. Several packs are also available upon request to customize the aesthetics of the vehicle with side adhesives, mirror cabinets and front and rear bumper inserts in various colors.

Interior view Abarth 595

Abarth 595

The sporting spirit of the model is reaffirmed in the passenger compartment with new materials, such as Alcantara or carbon fiber. Specifically, version 595 offers specific seats that are characterized by an extraordinary lateral support. The ‘595 Turismo’ version has the same leather upholstered seats, while the ‘595 Competizione’ includes as standard the ‘Corsa by Sabelt’ seats, which provide one of the best stands on the market. They offer an extraordinary lateral support and are perfect for a completely sporty driving because they inform the driver with total precision down to the smallest detail. Take care of your car engine:

Abarth 595: engines and specifications

Regarding the available range of engines, one of the main innovations is the greater power of the 1.4 T-Jet engine mounted on the 595 and 595 Turismo versions. The first provides 145 HP of power, while the second reaches 165 HP.O n the other hand, the 180 HP make the 595 Competizione the ideal car for those adept at adrenaline, both for its performance and its technical qualities. This variant has the oversized brake system signed by Brembo, with four-piston aluminum calipers.

The engine also achieves optimal performance thanks to the ‘ Record Monza ‘ exhaust with ‘Dual Mode’ technology. It is an exclusive feature that guarantees optimal performance with a less aesthetically aggressive exhaust. All variants of the 1.4 T-Jet engine are standard fitted to a five-speed mechanical gearbox, but it is possible to equip a robotic sequential gearbox with drive-through cams located behind the steering wheel.

Completely sporty driving

Abarth 595

The Abarth 595 is the only car in its segment equipped with a self-locking differential that provides exceptional performance. Available on request, the mechanical limited-slip differential is mounted on the 595 Competizione with manual transmission and is the result of the experience gained in the development of the Abarth 695 Biposto, a vehicle capable of scaring … a lot.

The differential takes full advantage of the full potential of the 595 Competizione and increases traction in extreme conditions. The differential guarantees the transfer of torque between the front wheels when the grip is lost. This equipment allows the driver to improve the motor skills while eliminating the understeer of the set.

The 595 Turismo and the 595 Competizione incorporate ‘Koni FSD’ rear shock absorbers as standard, which optimize the driving experience and safety by improving the grip, control, and stability of the vehicle. The front suspension of the ‘595 Competizione’ comes standard with the same shock absorbers, which significantly increases the dynamic performance.

Front view Abarth 595 movement

Abarth 595

Finally, the Abarth 595 range also has a ‘Sport’ button to change different vehicle parameters: from maximum torque to the calibration of the power steering to enjoy a more direct and less intrusive feel. In addition, the system adjusts the calibration of the accelerator pedal to guarantee a more immediate response and the instrumentation panel modifies the graphics and the information received by the driver, in the purest Abarth style.

The rivals of the Abarth 595

This small Abarth 595 sports car has in the market for new cars a series of rivals that should not lose sight of. Among others, stand out the versions ‘Cooper S’ or ‘John Cooper Works’ of the Mini Hatch and the most powerful versions of models like the Opel Adam, Alfa Romeo MiTo or Audi A1.

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