How to get your car back?


As we all know, parking in the city is sometimes an impossible task. Nevertheless, parking on a forbidden site opens the door to certain risks that range from a simple reminder to a fine or worse, the impoundment of the vehicle. If your vehicle is parked badly and taken to a pound, here is a guide to knowing how to get your car back.

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carIt is important to know that a badly parked vehicle (eg, inconvenient, abusive or dangerous parking) can be taken to a pound, but that many other situations may prompt the police to request a vehicle impoundment. In this respect, we think of a lack of technical control, a release of the vehicle without a registration card or a violation of the driver leading to the impossibility of taking back the vehicle.

If you arrive at the scene while your vehicle is being taken away, you will have to pay a lump sum if the company in charge of the removal has not yet lifted both front wheels of your ground vehicle. If your car is mounted on the tug or if both front wheels are no longer on the ground, you will have to pay the pre-impoundment transaction costs in addition to the lump sum

If you are not on site at the time of pickup, you will be notified of impoundment. Please note that this notification can be made to you up to five days after your vehicle is picked up. From the day after receipt of the notification, you will have a period of 45 days to pick up your vehicle. Nevertheless, this period of 45 days should be considered with great caution as it is extended to 10 days if the market value of your vehicle is estimated at less than 765

Upon arrival at the pound, you will need to present the vehicle registration card and an identification document to certify that you are the owner of the vehicle. Please note that you will have to pay a fee for your vehicle to be returned to you. At a minimum, these costs will include pre-impoundment operations and removal costs. The longer you leave your vehicle in the pound, the more salt will be added. A daily fee of 6,18 dollars will be charged per pound parking day.

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