How to switch to electric vehicles for your business fleet

There is little doubt that electric vehicles will eventually be in the majority, although precisely when this may happen is still up for debate.

It is perhaps surprising that companies have been slow to switch to electric fleets, but this could be to do with the general economic uncertainty of the last few years. It is also the case that the initial switch can be expensive, with the savings spread out over the future years rather than being immediate.

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For businesses, an electric fleet can help to reduce the organisational carbon footprint, reduce operating costs (no petrol and less maintenance), and display green credentials to both customers and employees.

If you are looking at potentially switching your business fleet to electric vehicles, there are a number of things to consider:

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Strategy for switching

There is no real reason why the switch should be completed in one go; instead, it is sensible to first analyse your current fleet so that you know exactly what vehicles you have, what they are used for, and how old each vehicle is.

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Once you know this, you can identify the vehicles that would benefit most from being upgraded to electric. These may be those that are used less, making them better suited for electric charging, or it may be those that are older and need more maintenance/have the highest emissions. It could also be that those used for shorter journeys would be better to replace to start with due to mileage limits per charge, although the average is now 250 miles. For employees who have company cars, you could also look at offering them incentives to switch.

There are compelling reasons to look at switching your fleet to electric; however, how you do it and at what pace are dependent on your business’s circumstances and the make-up of your existing fleet.

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