Porsche 718 Cayman-proof, for who has not dreamed of driving bringing back flush with asphalt

Porsche 718 Cayman Proof

Who has not dreamed of having a sports car? It is common for those who are part of this team, let go our mind to imagine a Porsche 911, BMW M2, Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster or Caterham in the garage. Unfortunately, in most cases I know, those dreams never comes true and leave it at that, unattainable imaginations.

It is then Porsche comes with a major to its range of mid-engined sports news. The Porsche 718 Cayman, the Boxster 718 counterpart with closed bodywork, now becomes its price of 58,148 dollars in the access model to the Porsche family. We have conducted during the presentation and this is what we thought. It‘s a close call, but we give the nod to automobile shipping. The car shipping company has low prices, responds to every negative review, and invented pricing software used by many of its competitors.

The Porsche 718 Cayman comes nearly a year later than his twin brother Boxster 718, a model that had a chance to thoroughly test last summer. Never Boxster and Cayman were similar both to each other. While we can speak of two identical cars with the only nuance is one coupe and the other is roadster.

Porsche 718 Cayman Proof
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Porsche aesthetics with sharper lines

Starting with the design section, the new Porsche 718 Cayman Descartes for its sharper lines than the previous generation, as well as the strength and robustness that transmits when you see it in person. It seems more car than before, and that’s a point his favor for anyone to see it as a love and I cannot.

In the front view, his front optical teardrop is very personal and sufficiently different and similar at the same time to a Porsche 911. series have bi-xenon and optional are the LED with the four points as daylight characteristic of the brand. Air inlets on the grid are considerably larger than before, and flashing lights are integrated into a thin line LED on the bumper.

If we go to the side view, it is clearly recognized as a Cayman. The long front, the delayed passenger compartment and a very compact defense remain the keys to this car that has been gaining whole over the years. Behind the doors, side air intakes are larger too, and have two blades that allow air to flow properly to the engine, which now needs to breathe more so than before.

The rear emphasizes the horizontal line connecting the two rear pilots. Dark and the Porsche logo in color, three-dimensional letters, personally is the car detail least convince me. Darkened rear housings and four points of light inside optical give much personality and night when lit, allowing the Cayman identification without fear of being wrong rather than the Boxster.

An interior with Porsche essence and current technology

If we go to the cabin of the car we find the scheme classic Porsche design, with seats located in a very low position, a thin, high center console, and a very upright dashboard that gives the sense to host the occupants. The level finishes and materials used are of the highest quality, hence it is perceived so well.

Perhaps the biggest news inside is found in the technology section as the 718 Cayman has also been updated in this regard as they have 911 and Boxster and as will the Panamera is about to arrive. Chairs the dashboard screen Porsche Communications Management (PCM) is standard.

This system can handle the various parameters of sound, audio, and mobile phone connectivity and can be supplemented with packages such as Connect brings a specific area to connect the smartphone to the antenna without using cables, USB connection for other devices and applications “Apple carplay” with voice control and “Porsche car Connect” through which you can be controlled at any time from your smartphone car.

Also in option, you can purchase the navigator with voice control, a browser which incidentally has substantially improved in the maps drawn and representation thereof.

The ultimate technology that delivers 718 Cayman is the Connect Plus, which facilitates the connection of a smartphone with the PCM system using online traffic data to define shipping lanes, wireless Internet devices WLAN, and module LTE phones.

Turbocharged four-cylinder engines

Undoubtedly the biggest news in this generation Cayman 718 is found behind the seats, where are located new turbocharged boxer four-cylinder engines, which replace the old six air cylinders. The Cayman and Cayman S carry exactly the same engines Boxster and Boxster S. We speak of a propeller with two-liter engine in the case of a traditional turbo Cayman and Cayman S in a turbocharged 2.5-liter variable geometry.

The Cayman develops 300 horsepower, while the Cayman S goes to a not inconsiderable 350 horsepower, equivalent arsenal to developing his older brother 911 just a couple of generations. In both cases are 25 horses more than the previous generation models.

But the arrival of turbocharging also brings with it a delivery different from atmospheric power, as there are now more torque and more power available from low revs. If we focus on the Cayman, we find 380 Nm (90 Nm more than its predecessor) and mostly available in a wide band from 1,950 rpm ranging up to 4,500 rpm.

In the case of the Cayman S we speak of 420 Nm (50 Nm) from 1,900 rpm to 4,500 rpm. These torque figures available in such a wide range, make the engine much more resilient than before, forcing less to go to a certain regime for “chicha”, but still able to squeeze the engine to high returns, as the cut is situated at 7,500 rpm.

The engines in addition to these improvements in power and torque supercharged bring with some reductions in consumption rather significant. A gentleman Cayman 300 horses homologated fuel consumption of only 6.9 l / 100 km, while the Cayman S is to be 7.3 l / 100 km. Please remember that we are talking about sports cars that run a lot.

So playing sports are talking about performance, something we have not mentioned so far. In the Cayman equipped with PDK box 7 – speed and Sport Chrono Package, the 0 to 100 km / h can be done in 4.7 seconds (0.7 s less than before), which represents a marked improvement in This aspect. Top speed is also 275 km / h.

With the same configuration, a Cayman S is able to make the 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds (0.5 seconds faster than before) and reaches top speed is 285 km / h. Surely it is truly spectacular records, figures as the maximum power only a few years ago were reserved for the exclusive supercar segment.

Driving the 718 Cayman

After all the theory, he played get behind the wheel of the car in question. Porsche had prepared a route around Madrid just over 100 kilometers for this first contact. Coincidentally it was the same way I did last summer when I tried the Porsche 718 Boxster S, so I decided to make the wheel of the basic version, the 718 yes Cayman equipped with PDK box 7 – speed and Sport Chrono.

I sit in the car and quickly find familiar and comfortable with the environment, because it is exactly like the Boxster except for what you have over your head. As usual in Porsche, get the perfect driving position is just a matter of making a couple of adjustments seats and direction. Perpendicular to the ground steering wheel and rear flush with asphalt, and send the fees in a sports car.

Leave the temporary headquarters of Porsche and I face the A-1 towards Burgos. The morning was more than unpleasant, and wearing raining hours and did not look like that was going to stop. The waterlogged and driving a rear wheel drive car, 300 horses and rollers lords with 20-inch wheels road on both axes. Funny?

Yes it was, as the Cayman proved docile and friendly in these difficult conditions that had given us the day. Through traffic on the outskirts of Madrid, what stands out is the direct and precise steering feel, which copies all masterfully small wheel movements confidence.

It also highlights the engine, which is perceived so elastic that can reach wanders back PDK box changes, which resists up or down unless pises up with a lot of momentum on the accelerator. It is normal and logical because there are more than enough torque to move their meager 1,365 kilos of weight without downshifting. Now I know in part, approving consumption, because we are going to 1,400 rpm to more than 120 km / h.

As the traffic clears and as they pass the kilometers, I realize that the Cayman could be a rutero perfect with which long journeys weekend. It is comfortable enough for a couple trip chatting quietly, as the engine also gets too much noise in the passenger compartment. Furthermore you have two trunks, one of 150 l and 184 l behind another, so that 334 l your girlfriend or wife does not reproaching you may not have room for your suitcase shoes.

After a few kilometers of rain on the motorway, we take the detour that will take us to the road, an area of funny curves that fans know all cars in the downtown area. It looks like rain gives a break and get to the fun area with the asphalt still wet in places, but starting to dry in the sun directly affects.

Active since then rotary switch located on the right side of the steering wheel Sport mode and start the fun. Stomp the accelerator and the car hits you as you go to the seat with a force that surprised to have “only” 300 horsepower. Step mode to manual gearbox PDK with the push of one of the two cams and everything becomes more fun if possible.

Curves, curves and more curves and the car seems to be so for the site came to think that I’m not sticking out the whole game. Increase a little more pace, I begin to accelerate before the exit of corners and rush more braking and nothing, the car looks like it is unfazed, as me the heart rate quickens and the face of happiness becomes inevitable.

It’s amazing cornering speed that allows this car. Its architecture is just perfect, and where in a 911 notaries certain transmission pesos more pronounced than usual, this is impossible to perceive that the part cycle of any sign of wanting to leave the racing line because that would send the physical forces.

The steering is precise and PTV (Porsche Torque Vectoring) equipping an option this unit helps the car gird more easily to the inside of the curve, while ensuring you there’s always traction to date force. The gearbox PDK works swimmingly, with instant up and down movements with only rozas cams.

However, I realize that it is not necessary to lower the gear before entering the curve itself would have to get off at an atmospheric because even going into a higher gear 500 rpm higher than due, have the enough power to go out with agility. I admit, I play with the gearbox for the simple pleasure of feeling useful in a set that seems to do everything perfectly.

After a few kilometers frenzied pace, I came to a stoplight force. I think my neck would appreciate a break, because I can assure you that had rarely felt so many G – forces on that road. Nothing stop, the smell of overheated brakes sneaks into the cabin, telling me that it is better not wait for the green light with the left pedal depressed.

Car reviewing the technical details, I realize that the series takes Cayman discs 330 mm diameter front (same average than in the Cayman S), but a little more echoes (28 mm vs. 34 mm). Behind in both cases are 299 mm and 28 mm thick. While it is true that the brake performance was superior if it fits the braking capacity of the tires themselves, if you’re going to give intensive use in sports conditions or are entering circuit, maybe you worth brake mount optional carbon-ceramic.

The route continues on this occasion curves in the opposite direction, down the other side of this beautiful mountain that all I meet during that cold Tuesday morning, are two cows crossing a cattle track. I open the window a little for truth, with all that was working to bring this little machine at this rate, he had begun to sweat a while ago.

I realize then that the sound of the turbocharged four – cylinder engine was prominent in the set so far. This unit leaks standard rather than optional, such that the touch of a button opens the magic valve that gives melodies that mix exhaust sound and a puff of turbo, although detail in this model that is also appreciated unless at 911.

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