What does it mean to drive a car?


Most of the dreams we do find their foundation in the moment of life in which you are, more than in future premonitions. This is the case of the dream of driving a car, which reveals important things about your attitude in life. If you have dreamed that you are driving a car that you do not know how business-to-business, dotenvironment.net gives you the keys to understanding that dream.

When we dream that we are in a car, there are two aspects to take into account to interpret this dream

The car represents our body, our ME (the vehicle that carries our soul)

Leadership represents our evolution in life

If you dream that you are driving a car, the dream acquires a reflexive dimension on how you lead your life, your ability to control it. Depending on the road and driving, fluid or not, rash or prudent, this will evoke our trajectory in life, and whether it is good or bad at the time of the dream.

If in your dream you drive without seeing the road, it means that although you are moving forward in life, you have difficulty knowing in which direction you are heading in the future.


If you drive in reverse, it means you are caught in the past. If you drive in the opposite direction, it means you have absolutely no control over your life.

If you drive on a road full of turns, this refers to the many obstacles you face or that you will encounter in the future, until you find an emotional balance.

In any case, the car and steering wheel reflect your ability to assume responsibilities, and your confidence in yourself.

Dreaming of driving can also have to mean in relation to freedom. If in your dream you associate behind the wheel allows you to drive or you want it, without any obstacle, it means that you have to make an important decision on whether you really want to be in life, to release you totally.


If you dream that you have a car accident, this symbolizes a brake on your personal journey. Since behavior symbolizes changes and changes in your life, an accident means something is stopping you from moving forward and moving forward. The state of the vehicle after the accident (good or bad condition of the body) can represent the flexibility of the person and his ability to cope with the contingencies of life.

Finally, the responsibility of the accident, if it is yours, refers to your lack of control over your life, to your internal elements that prevent you from dealing with external events, such as your character or impulses. If you do not cause the accident, then it demonstrates excessive and unjustified fears about the elements of life, but that keep you from evolving.




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