5 keys to optimizing online marketing strategies

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Despite the firm idea of many e-commerce companies thinking that only one web page is enough to make the leap to the Internet, the reality is that any business must rely on online marketing strategies to generate value in its interaction with the client. Optimizing online marketing strategies is the key to any business project that is related to the 2.0 world.

Nowadays, one of the online marketing strategies that are having more followers is content marketing although the key to success lies in knowing how to combine the different online marketing strategies SEO, SEM with Google Adwords, Social Media, Inbound

1. Establish a plan

This first step establishes all online marketing strategies. It is time to define the SEO actions to be carried out, the calendar of contents to be published, the actions in Social Networks, with the aim of obtaining brand awareness and making noise on the Internet.

2. Achieve scope and impact

In this step, we begin to execute the planned actions. In the first place, we will seek reach and impact through the main search engine: Google (In Spain has a market share of more than 90%), the main Social Networks. Remember that according to the type of business you lead, you should emphasize the social network that best suits your identity as a brand and the target audience of your products. One of the keys to this phase is to measure and control the internal links to favor SEO, the number of followers in Social Networks, and visitors to the corporate web or blog.

3 Acting

It was time for action. We have already managed to attract users to our media, through offering you quality content, and it’s time to get the conversion to lead. To achieve this, in addition to providing value through our content, we must leave open the channel of communication with the user for future contacts. In this phase, the measurement should be based on the circuit that has made the potential customer in our workflows, the more you have interacted with us, and the more receptive you will be to a possible sale.

4. Conversion

Once you have the hot lead, it’s time to put the lace and close the sale. All the tools necessary to facilitate the processes have to be made available and the customer has a satisfactory shopping experience. For example, in case an e-commerce has all the existing online payment systems or an optimized shopping cart, will reduce the abandonment rate when finalizing the purchase. The purchase process does not end when the transaction is closed since a good customer service after the sale will help you to retain customers.

5. Engagement

At the end of the process, customer engagement must occur. A satisfied customer is the key to any online marketing strategy , since it will most likely be a user who repeats the transaction on another occasion (if he already bought once, is that our product / service interests him), and can even reach Become ambassador of our brand through word of mouth, or recommending us through social networks.

These five steps are basic and elementary to maximize profits with your online marketing strategies, combined with actions such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing or email marketing will help us to get new leads, turn them into customers, and loyalty through getting your personal satisfaction.

Every company needs a digital marketing strategy adapted to their needs, and in Increate we can offer you the most appropriate to achieve your goals.

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