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The economic crisis complicates everything and the best financial investments is not the ones we think of spontaneously. Other less common ways exist to make your money grow. Take a look at our list of 8 anti-crisis investments.

  1. Car parks

More and more motorists are struggling to park their vehicles: investing in car parks is a hit.

The promise of this investment: a return to the key (6 to 8% per year) with a relatively low initial investment.

  • Even if it is a placement a prior without risk, you will have to study the neighborhoods because all parking is not equal.
  • But also their positioning, the places in the first basement and close to the exits are the most sought after.

Other advantages: ease of finding a tenant, no special maintenance, only one month notice.

  1. Works of art

Investing in art can be a passion but also an effective way to invest money. And it falls well since today, this market is rather buoyant.

  • It is addressed to all: small savers, pensioners, persons responsible for the ISF, etc.
  • And the advantage is that there is something for all tastes and budgets.

You can buy a work by private agreement (between individuals) or as part of an auction

Good to know: the market is more contemporary, the more speculative.

From a tax point of view, works of art are exempt from solidarity tax on wealth. But also, the important works of art can settle their heir’s rights succession by donation of a painting or sculpture to the state.

  1. Forests

It is a secure investment in the long term and ensures a regular income supplement.

  • You can buy plots of forests, either live or through a forestry group. This last alternative is more interesting because it allows several individuals to pool their savings to buy plots.
  • Each year, investors recover a portion of the return corresponding to their quota in the pool.

The value of plots is based on the price of timber and their good exploitation

  • In the best cases, the cost can reach 4%.
  • Fiscally, you benefit from an ISF allowance of 75% of the value of the forest up to 101 897 €, then 50% more than this amount.

An equivalent reduction applies for the calculation of donation and inheritance taxes.

  1. The cinema

Financing a film that appeals to you (having previously inquired about the reliability and reputation of distributors), it is possible!

All you have to do is invest in Sofia (companies for the financing of the film and audiovisual industry) or in SMEs specially created to finance the 7th art.

  • These companies make it possible to collect part of the royalties on film receipts.
  • The yield can reach up to 6% of the initial investment; however, there is no guarantee and substantial losses can even be recorded.

Warning: You must stop your investment for at least five years.

In addition, you can deduct a portion of the investment from your solidarity tax on wealth.

  1. The vine

Thanks to the emerging countries, the French wine market is growing rapidly.

Its yield varies from 1 to 4%, depending on climatic conditions and the price of wine.

As a winegrower, you benefit from a total exemption from ISF provided that you rent the domain to a member of your family and use the vines as part of an agricultural activity.

The creation of an agricultural land group facilitates the transfer of the domain to the children.

  1. The Gold

First, the price of gold is much less volatile than that of conventional assets (equities, bonds, etc.) and has continued its upward trend since 2005.

Then, it offers an interesting return and allows investing according to its possibilities.

  • Before buying gold, you need to find a safe as well as a trusted financial intermediary.
  • You can buy physical gold.
  • You can invest in gold through the banking system: via a securities account or a fund in a life insurance contract.
  • The gold, registered in the securities account is available at any time.

Good to know: the gold resale is exempt investment gain after 22 years of detention. However, the 10.5% tax on precious metals is required.

  1. Asian bonds

Europe is in the midst of financial repression (when the government puts in place measures to steer funds that have not been subject to market regulation elsewhere).

So why not turn to Asia to purchase bonds International?

  • Indeed, Asian markets offer attractive growth prospects.
  • Be careful, however, to diversify your investments.
  1. Photo voltaic operations

The investor subscribes for shares in an investment company.

  • The company receives rents on the operation of the parks, and then revenues are distributed to the investor.
  • They depend on the price of redemption of electricity and sunshine.

Good to know: the electricity purchase price is contractually agreed with EDF for 25 years.

You may be reimbursed for the VAT linked to the purchase of the units and depreciate their value.

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