How to start a car wash business in the city?

car wash business

What do you need to start a formal car wash business? For Guillermo Guerra and William Gutierrez, entrepreneurs who opened the doors of Karcher Clean Park two years ago in Comas is only a matter of decision and hard work.

After leaving their jobs as technicians at Autorex Peruana, both set out to be their own bosses. Thus, they started the first business as distributors of the Kärcher brand in Peru, a German company specializing in cleaning equipment, both for home and professional use. Keep reading: Include sensory marketing in your communication strategy

How to start car wash business?

car wash business

With the income obtained by this business and with the growth of the vehicle fleet -explains Guillermo- they decided to open their first car wash center with an initial investment of S / .20 thousand soles. Given the good response of the market, they share some steps that must be taken into account when starting this business.

Examine the area

If you have already decided that this is the turn to which you intend to dedicate yourself, Guerra recommends mapping and analyzing the potential areas where the business will land, as well as the available premises. Closeness to main avenues and shops, as well as easy access, are factors that should not be neglected. Do not forget to find out the requirements for operation.

Also, the price of rentals will vary depending on the chosen district. In the case of these partners, the disbursement for the lease is S / .1,200 per month for a local of 240 square meters in the district of northern Lima.

car wash business

Studying support

Working with the Kärcher brand was an inevitable decision for William and William, as the firm also works with a franchise model for car wash services.

In effect, Kärcher grants discounts on the purchase of equipment dedicated to car washes, technical assistance and free training for the correct handling of them. The investment in these tools will range from S / .5 thousand to S /. 10 thousand, depending on the size of the equipment.


In addition to the investment in equipment, there is also the investment in infrastructure: the business must have adequate space for washing-with gutters for drainage, special floors, secure electrical connections, among others as well as waiting for customers.

On the other hand, the main services that must be paid each month are water and electricity, whose amount could reach up to S / .500. The advantage, they say, is that the Kärcher equipment is approved by Sedapal, that is, they have a guarantee that these machines can save up to 80% of water and thereby produce significant savings in their pockets.

car wash business


The partners comment that having the support of the German brand does not produce a strong additional expense at the moment of placing the prices, but rather it is the differential before their competitors. Rates range from S / .10 for a simple service -which will require 10 minutes- to S / .80 for a more sophisticated service.


Everything is valid when making the car wash business known. In their case, they invested in banners, flyers and soon, they will do so through coupons with special discounts. You might also read:

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