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Pharmaceutical companies develop, manufacture and sell drugs that can cure a disease or improve the quality of a lifetime PATIENTA. Sales representatives are employed by pharmaceutical companies to promote medicines for doctors, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Due to the wide range of diseases and the technical knowledge required to represent prescription drugs, pharmaceutical sales staff develop specialties. Although pharmaceutical companies recruit inexperienced college graduates for entry-level positions, the path to a lucrative sales position involves specializing in a segment of the product.

Sales Entry Levelsales representative

A viable starting point in the pharmaceutical industry is as a sales representative of the mass market. Calling the internists and primary care physicians in a defined territory is the key element of this work. The sales staff promote medications usually prescribed by these doctors. Building relationships and winning Customer loyalty are essential to succeed in this role. Set sales goals and growth are the rights for the expected sales people. Doing your homework is important. In the pharmaceutical industry, representatives must keep abreast of current topics related to the field. It is necessary to thoroughly understand the drug company products to educate doctors on their benefits. Travel in the vast territory is necessary.

Sales of specialtiessales representative

Representatives who have achieved solid experience in the field of primary care sales can advance to the next step on career scale: specialty representative. Most companies prefer to move employees through the ranks. Getting promoted by proving that you can meet and exceed goals is one way to make the jump. A second avenue to get to the next level is to look outside the company. Aligning experience and knowledge of drugs with a specialty such as cardiology, hematology, urology, oncology and other areas of expertise is necessary to get a job as a specialist.

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Product Managementsales representative

People with a five-year background in specialized pharmaceutical products can choose to make a career choice in product management. Responsibilities in this arm of the marketing function could include managing the life cycle of a specific product, starting with the launch. Working with inter-functional teams to build brand, promotional budgets, and sales staff training are tasks assigned to a product manager.

Specialty Sales Management sales representative

Growing a sales career in the field of management is always an option. A specialty representative with five to seven years or more can improve his or her resume by achieving a leadership role. Managers are responsible for directing the work of a sales force. Often, a sales territory can include several states, making travel a substantial part of the job. Remuneration at this level can be very lucrative. Some companies offer executives a substantial base salary, attractive incentive plans based on team performance and a company car.

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