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Since about two years ago, the billing program Easy fat we have added the e-commerce functions, some of those who used the program in the store took advantage to start making sales including on the Internet, suddenly widening the customer base and moving from a local dimension, maybe to a neighborhood. (wanting the world) Unbelievable, right? In my view, by the modest investment required, anyone who carries on a trade should carefully consider this option.E-Commerce

But how do you open a virtual store on the Internet, for example, a shop of “baby food”? First, you have to record the name of the rented space hosted on a web server where to install a ‘web application for the management of e-commerce platform. Too complicated? Fortunately, there are numerous agencies (to find them with a simple search on Google as this) that sell packages of beautiful and ready solutions, inclusive of all you need: you can start with a virtual store that smells new within a single day! The cost, depending on the complexity, depart from a few dollars per month up.

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All that simple? Yes, but there is a little problem, often ignored by those who started the online sales business: how to manage price lists, orders, and customers? If we in the catalog only 8 squash and we receive a purchase order week, in fact, we do not have much to handle … If the business starts to movements, here becomes real the need to have a practical management tool. For example, if today were to increase by 5% the sale price of baby food “myoma”, it would surely be appreciated that the function also automatically updates the prices on the site. Just as it would be equally welcome a function capable, for each sale made, to automatically generate a sales order in the ERP software, resulting in a discharge of the goods from the warehouse, invoice printing and maybe even the label to be affixed to the package for shipping.E-Commerce

It’s always so good to check with which management runs the beautiful e-commerce platform that sometimes we like, a future worth of inefficiencies, sufferings, and pains.

Easy fat, it is known, is the only management which has a “protocol” (so you define the technical specifications) Public connection with e-commerce platforms. The fact that the public allows for maximum flexibility and freedom of choice. In fact, many e-commerce services agencies that have understood the usefulness of these specifications, have adopted them without reservation.E-Commerce

With the recent revision of 08 Easy fat, we have improved the protocol e-commerce (now “old” two years), introducing several improvements. Now the products can be updated incrementally, The images associated with the articles are also transmitted and can create descriptions format HTML deciding colors, alignments, etc. These new features are usable only if the web server can manage them, therefore we are updating the list of agencies that support the protocol e-commerce Easy fat, highlighting those that have adapted their procedures to the new features.

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