Getting yourself ready for completion day

Home completion day is often filled with a number of different emotions. Excitement to be moving to your new home, the sadness of leaving your old one and often a little stress and anxiety at having to actually move everything.

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Completion day entails a number of legal requirements as well that include the moving of the mortgage money from your mortgage provider to the home seller, getting the money for you property and paying it towards the home and the formal exchange of keys. All of this needs to happen at the same time as the other parties in the chain to avoid people having to have bridging loans to cover mortgages on two properties.

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Once this is complete the Removal Companies Cheltenham way such as can start taking all your furniture and packed boxes out of your old home and put them into the vans ready for transporting to your new property. A quick tip for making this part fo the day run smoothly is to label the boxes clearly with the name of the room that you want to place them in.

Completion days can sometimes go awry and it is a good idea to have an overnight bag packed and some local takeaway menus ready just in case. This way you don’t have to worry about trying to unpack any boxes late at night.

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