How to choose the logo of your company


One of the elements that characterize a company and plays a key role is its logo. It consists of an image and a slogan. It needs to be thought about taking into account what you want to convey. This is a way to present a business quickly through a visual symbol. A suitable logo will be in agreement with your company and will have been thought according to the values of it. This may seem superficial, but who does not remember the Coca-Cola or Apple logo? The objective is to establish a communication between your company and the public through the emblem that is the logo.


The first thing you need to think about what do you want to convey with the logo. What value, idea, emotion…? All these elements can be inspired by the appropriate color, the appropriate typography, and the right image. If you make these 3 elements complement each other while taking into account the image of your company you want to give, the public will more easily perceive your business as you want.

A logo that captures attention will increase the likelihood that it remains in people’s minds and that they remember it. It is not just about being original, but also reflecting the spirit of the brand in the logo. If you do this, you will have two things: first, the logo will attract attention and then it will agree with the company, which will put buyers in confidence.


Another factor to consider when choosing a logo for your business is that it must adapt to the different formats on which it will be presented. If, for example, your logo appears small on all pages of your website, in the corner of a magazine, off on a billboard or on a small screen. The logo must be easily recognizable in different dimensions. Similarly, you will need to know if your logo is identifiable in black and white if your logo has been designed in color.

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Your logo must be unique so that it can be associated with your business and not to another. Your logo does not need to be complicated. Look for simplicity and originality. A simple logo will be easier to grasp and understand. However, it will be more difficult to create, although this seems contradictory. For example, the Puma logo is a puma skipping. This logo is easy to remember and is adapted to the sporty image of the brand, as the pump transmits feelings of strength, agility, and speed. This is how you will think your logo. It is consistent with the corporate image you want to convey and it is original.

Another tip for how to choose a logo: the logo must be able to adapt to changes that occur over time. Companies are created with the goal of lasting long. The creation of the logo must serve the same purpose. There are many examples of companies that have had to make significant changes to fit their logo, while others have barely touched them.


The choice of logo is important. Therefore, it is best to ask other members of the company to think about it, so that you can share your ideas and end up with a logo. If all the founders of the company know the values and the image that you want to convey from it, they can bring their ideas to create a suitable logo. If you are alone, you might want to wait a while after you think about your logo to see if you find it banal or if you like it even more after a while. In this process, you can create different logos, to see which one you like the most and which ones are less effective after a while.




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