How to start dog business with low investment?

how to start dog business

A dog aesthetic business or a dog grooming is a great business opportunity for those looking to get an easy business to start, profitable and best of all, that is the low investment. Well nowadays there is at least one dog per family, therefore the hairdressing services will always be booming. Let’s know how to start dog business.

If you had in mind to set up an aesthetic business, then we will see some things to take into account. Continue reading: 27 hot new business ideas Related To Pastry / Bakery / Confectionery

How to start dog business?

how to start dog business


In order for your canine beauty business to succeed, you must have the necessary skills for this job, so you can take a formal preparation course or you can learn by following a professional. The most advisable are the courses that are usually short and provide an excellent training and a base on what the clients want.

Commercial Considerations

Before starting your dog grooming business you will have to choose what type of entity it will be, be it sole owner, partnership, limited liability company or if it will be a corporation. For each type of entity, there are different types of taxes and responsibilities, so I recommend that you consult with a lawyer or with an accountant in your area.

Then you must choose which business method you will undertake since in canine hairdressers you can choose to have a business on the street or offer your services at home. Currently what works best are the hairdressers to homes and for this, you will need a van with all your necessary equipment.

Obviously, if you have sufficient investment capital you can opt for the two types of businesses.

Equipment for a canine hairdresser

how to start dog business

A large percentage of your investment will be for the purchase of equipment, as many of this equipment will facilitate your work. The basic equipment for a dog aesthetic business is scissors, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, dryers, sprays, nail clippers, ear cleaning products, etc. You will also need washing machines, bathtubs, work tables, dryers, and cages (if not at home).


In order to achieve success in your dog aesthetic business you will have to stand out from your competition and for this, you have to develop a good name, as well as a striking logo. By merging good names, plus an excellent logo, your customers will not forget easily about you.

Currently, there are many advertising options to generate new customers, you can send brochures, postcards from your area. You can also give visitors cards in different places or in places where the owners take their dogs for a walk, also the veterinary clinics are excellent places to leave brochures.

Another way to capture customers is to offer special coupons with discounts, in this way, they will encourage their clients to return more often or that their future clients will be encouraged to try their services.

And without doubt, the best marketing model is word of mouth, which today is still one of the most important factors in advertising.

Analyze prices and your competition

how to start dog business

A fundamental thing for a dog grooming business is to analyze the prices of the market and its competition because with this information you can have an overview of what awaits you and be able to modify your strategies.

Therefore, establish prices that are consistent with those handled in your market, and try to place prices lower than your competition to be able to attract customers. Offering discounts are something excellent to be able to attract new clients, that is, try to offer discounts on the dog breeds that suit you.

Canine Hairdresser At Home

Other alternatives are to set up a canine hairdresser at home because the initial investment will be much lower and you can start much faster. In addition, you will be avoiding monthly expenses such as rent, services, taxes and other things that entails a business on the street.

Is A Canine Barber Cost-Effective?

The answer is yes, without a doubt it is one of the profitable businesses with more demand in the animal market, which is why it is an excellent opportunity to have a business with a great future. You might also like:

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