What is SEO and how can businesses use it?

When yocu run a business, it is essential to have a digital presence. To ensure customers see your digital presence, you must have a strong search engine ranking. This is built and maintained over time by the art of search engine optimisation; a strategy that ensures a search engine’s automated bots accurately rank your content for human visitors and place it as favourably as possible for your desired keywords.

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How should businesses use SEO?

From optimised HTML5 banners to keywords and linking strategies, SEO is a complex set of tactics that should be used coherently within a clear strategy. By approaching SEO in this way, you can build a strong ranking for your content that will be returned when your target customers search for your target keywords and terms. This is vital, as customers only tend to click on the websites shown at the top of a search engine for any search query – they don’t generally scroll down for alternatives.

What SEO strategies can your business use?

Most businesses will use a variety of strategies, including:

– Regular blogging to ensure plenty of fresh content filled with relevant keywords.
– Website optimisation to ensure it satisfies UX and search checks.
– Strongly designed HTML5 banners that link to relevant landing pages.
– Reciprocal linking strategies between different authority websites.
– Videos, reviews, testimonials and other types of rich content to build authority.

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Who can do SEO?

An entrepreneur can do SEO with the right skills, but most businesses will hire a specialist or use an SEO agency to deliver exactly what they need. SEO isn’t a quick fix; instead, it needs to be an investment over time and delivered consistently well. When delivered in the right way, It can yield powerful business results.

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