Do you have a car? Learn to save and earn money with your car

earn money with your car

If you have a car you probably already know the advantages. But, you also know the disadvantages, especially I want to talk about the expenses you have: insurance, fuel, maintenance, parking space etc. Yes, all these expenses you will have during the entire life of your beautiful vehicle. In this article, we show you how to earn money with your car.

Each year, these expenses get a good slice of your budget. As insurance you keep your accounts up to date, you will have already checked. If you do not believe me, make numbers now, and you will see it. Keep reading: Do you want to buy Abarth 124 Spider? Read now

Despite this, for many people having a car is a necessity and they can not give it up. I’m not going to tell you that you have to get rid of it. That is why in this article you will find some ideas to make money with your car and some tips. With which you can also save a few euros each month. This way you can alleviate the burden of your budget a bit by keeping your car.

Ideas to save and earn money with your car

earn money with your car

Yes, having a car means spending more each month, but there are also some ways to save and earn money that is good for everyone, although it may seem complicated. You’ll see that you can do it too.

Save on car insurance: look for the best

The insurance of your car is a fixed expense that you have every year, that is why it is so important to get a good price and good conditions.

But, how to choose good insurance?

These are my tips:

Ask and compare quotes from different insurance companies. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, this task is quite simple, with the help of insurance comparators you do not have to call each of the companies or fill out long forms, but these websites will present you with the best insurance options for you.

Take advantage of campaigns and promotions Insurance companies periodically launch campaigns and promotions for new insureds. Before hiring or renewing your policy, review the market proposals. Use the insurance comparators.

Hire insurance based on how old your car is. Since vehicles lose their value over time, taking into account the years can mean a significant saving in insurance.

All-risk insurance is recommended especially for cars under 5 years, and depending on the brand and model, up to 10 years maximum. However, once the 10 years have passed the vehicle will have lost 70 percent of its value, so it may be more convenient to take insurance with the franchise or third parties.

Of course, you always have to compare the different coverages that companies offer us.

Take insurance adapted to your lifestyle

earn money with your car

In addition to traditional methods, today companies offer other ways that adapt better to each lifestyle. For example insurance for days or weeks, designed for those who occasionally use the car. Insurance according to your driving style, installing a system in your car that will value your driving; or applying discounts to what several insurance companies have in the same company (car, home, etc.)

Save on fuel

earn money with your car

Another important expense of a car is fuel, and here you can also save. There are many gas stations where you can refuel, but did you know that the price difference can be up to 20%? I know, it is difficult to go one at a time to know which is the cheapest, but I advise you at least to have located the cheapest one near your home or your work.

In the USA, the Ministry of Industry has a website where you can check the prices of gas stations by location, by type of fuel, by time, by cheaper and more. Some applications that indicate the cheapest place to refuel according to your location have also been launched.

Some service stations have loyalty cards with interesting benefits. For example, direct discounts on the price per liter of fuel, some of the points for refueling or sum of money on your card that can then be exchanged for discounts or fuel.

To save and earn money with your car improve the fuel consumption of the vehicle: 

  • Carrying the tires with the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, and check it every 15 days, cold.
  • Do not overload the vehicle, for example, remove the luggage racks, carry skis if you are not going to use them.
  • Driving efficiently, avoiding braking or acceleration.
  • For short distances, better avoid the car.

Vehicle maintenance

earn money with your car

The best way to save is to avoid expenses and earn money with your car, and this with a car can be achieved with proper maintenance to extend its useful life and avoid costly breakdowns.

You do not have to be an expert in mechanics always to have your vehicle ready. In the car manual, you will find the manufacturer’s recommendations on its maintenance.

One of the maintenance tasks that will extend the life of your car is the change of oil and filters at the recommended times, using quality products that will keep the engine clean and better fuel consumption.

Keeping tires and other components in good condition is also important, you should always think about your safety, it comes first. When the time comes to change them, you can ask for quotes from different professionals and see which one interests you.

For some components, you can go to scrap yards, but this I advise you to do only if it is small accessories that do not compromise your safety or the operation of the vehicle, for example, headlights, mirrors. Proper maintenance will extend the life of your car.

Choose a good workshop

earn money with your car

When you have a car, visits to the workshop are necessary, both to make maintenance checks (especially if you are not a handyman ), and when we have no choice but to break down.

However, the choice of a good workshop with the best value for money can become an odyssey.

Here are some tips so that in the search you will not find any unpleasant surprises:

  • Avoid clandestine sweatshops that use the low price hook to attract customers, but you will be endangering your safety.
  • Ask for advice to your friends, family, about your trustworthy workshop and if it is in your area much better.
  • Ask for detailed budgets (on materials and labor) from trusted establishments and compare them.

Go to official service establishments; sometimes you can find promotions. Do not discard them, also compare them. The workshops associated with your insurance company also usually offer exclusive promotions to the insured, check them out. Continue reading: Mistakes to avoid when leasing a car.

Your driving can make you save

Another way to earn money with your car is by having or acquiring good driving habits:

  • Do not slow down or accelerate. Try to maintain a constant speed without sudden changes.
  • To reduce the speed, avoid braking using the engine brake, that is, reducing the gears one by one.
  • If you are in a traffic jam, turn off the engine.
  • Do not wait until you get to the last drops of the reserve to fill the deposit. The fuel, although it is refined, has impurities that can cause problems to the car.
  • When you travel, it is better to plan a route and stops. You will avoid making unnecessary detours because you have lost, which will increase your fuel expenditure.

Drive efficiently to save

After seeing some ideas with which you can save some extra money on your car, it’s time to see how you can earn money. Find the idea that best suits you, and if there are several, you can also combine them. Check this for car rental:

Share your trips

earn money with your car

This idea arrived thanks to the collaborative economy and is underway in several countries. The operation is quite simple and is done through an online platform, putting in contact drivers who have seats and passengers who want to go to the same destination of the driver. Sharing trips you will no longer travel alone, but you will meet new people and also earn some extra money.

The pioneer web in proposing this service is blablacar (available in Mexico, Spain, and other European countries). But with the passage of time others have emerged and they also work very well. According to the country in which you reside, these are some that I have found:

If when you travel by car, you do not have any free space or do not travel much, the previous idea is clear that it does not suit you.

But did you know that you can make money with your car instead of having it parked? Yes, it is about leaving your car to private individuals in exchange for a payment.

This idea also comes from the collaborative economy; companies put vehicle owners in contact with individuals who want to rent, they also have accident insurance and are responsible for managing payments.

Put advertising on the car

earn money with your car

It is the easiest way to earn money with your car. Have you ever seen a car that carries on its doors the brand of some cookies, or a bank? No, it’s not because you like biscuits so much that you’ve decided to decorate your car ( well, maybe you like it but not to change your car, I say ), or because you’re so happy with your bank that you want everyone to know (you can yes, but I do not think that’s why ).

These cars of which I speak, carry advertising and have paid their owners for it. Depending on the duration of the campaign and the size of the ad, the profits are usually between 100 and 500 euros per month.

Although this idea seems simple enough to make money with your car, you have to know that there are many candidates, and it will depend on whether your vehicle is chosen for the campaign. Vehicles that are less than 5 years old usually have more opportunities.

In this article, you will find more information on how to make money by putting advertising on your car.

Rent your parking space

earn money with your car

Having a car, many times (almost always) also means having a parking space, right? If you have one, you can rent it when it is free and thus earn a few euros at the end of the month.

You will have to place an ad on an online platform, specifying the location and availability. The interested parties will contact you, and that’s it.

You can rent it for hours or days; it’s up to you. Of course, you have to know that not all places have the same demand, it will depend a lot on the location. For example, during the week the parking spaces near offices will have more demand than during the weekend; or if you have a square near a football stadium, there will be more demand when there is a match.


Having a car for some is having freedom, comfort, luxury, for others it is a necessity. You can earn money with your car in different ways. But let’s not fool ourselves, for everyone to have a car also means having more expenses, and not everyone can assume them in the same way.

In today’s article I have proposed ideas with which you can reduce some expenses of your car without great effort. So, you do not drown with them. And I’ve also given you some ideas about earn money with your car if you want to go a step further and earn extra money with your nice car. I hope you cheer up with some ideas.

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