How external contractors can support your business

The external contractor can take on a variety of guises and roles in your business. All of these can be very beneficial and we shall look at some of the options that you have available. You can concentrate on more important roles and tasks in the business industry or service provider. Whilst in the 1970s, the entire operation of a business was in house and everyone was employed by the company from the cleaning staff to the catering department. The 1980s saw a sea change for contractors and 3rd party agencies suddenly being employed to run ancillary departments. This continues to be the case. Here are some examples.

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  1. Catering operations. You can look at getting in someone to run your catering options for employees. There are plenty of companies that specialise in controlling this side of the business. It’s very important to keep the employees fed and watered.

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  1. Cleaning of the office and building as a whole. This Commercial Cleaning Belfast based company are a great example of what you can get. They will make sure that the building is clean including areas like the toilets and washrooms.
  2. Maintenance. Any repair work that needs doing can be covered by an outsourced company. This also means that you are not responsible if anything goes wrong.

When you use a 3rd party you immediately remove all the need to worry about pension payments, national insurance and, most importantly, including these people on the payroll.

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