Most people seem to take driving for granted, but you have to realise what a blessing it really is to own your very own car and be able to drive on public roads. It is important to look after your car and ensure that you have good security for it, such as good quality garage […]

Your motorcycle is more than just a machine. Treat her well and she will thank you with better performance and greater safety when you drive her. Washing the bike is a process in which you have to follow certain rules with which you will achieve an optimal result. Here, we’ll discuss how to wash your […]

Year of release: 2008, current generation: 2016. The Abarth 595 is the evolution of the iconic Abarth 500 model. This evolution brings with it more powerful engines, larger series equipment and innumerable innovations, some even reserved for vehicles of higher segments. The Abarth 595 is a compact, light and very agile vehicle, as well as […]

If you have decided to buy an electric sander because you think you can get much out of it. If you do not know where to start, in this article we explain how to use an electric sander in a simple way. An electric sander is a very useful tool that you can find with […]

If you have a car you probably already know the advantages. But, you also know the disadvantages, especially I want to talk about the expenses you have: insurance, fuel, maintenance, parking space etc. Yes, all these expenses you will have during the entire life of your beautiful vehicle. In this article, we show you how […]

Abarth, the brand of the scorpion within the Fiat group. It presents with the Abarth 124 Spider a symbol that wants to represent the pure essence of driving enjoyment. It is a two-seater roadster with rear-wheel drive, with self-locking differential. The model combines the experience of a ‘roadster’ full of emotion, technology, and safety. Also […]

Last week I evaluated the Audi S5 Sportback 2018 at home. Being pleasantly satisfied with its performance. This week I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to test the most athletic brother: the Audi RS5 2018.

Driving a car is a big responsibility. So, ensuring it is just as important. Here are six essential questions to ask when buying car insurance to help you protect yourself and your wallet. In this article, we bring 6 important questions to ask and the reason for buying a car insurance. Let’s start.

Diesel produces more smoke than gasoline when it burns. So, it is normal for all diesel cars to generate some emissions. Are you facing the problem of smoke from exhaust on startup? All fumes aren’t the same and some of them may be giving us clues about possible mechanical problems, here you will see why.

The acronyms GTS of Gran Tourism Sport, transmit the increase in benefits of these to the GTS versions of its more powerful and fast central motor sports. Porsche Boxster GTS and Porsche Cayman GTS. Now these acronyms adhere to Boxster and Cayman for the first time. They are offering Porsche customers the ability to purchase these […]