The need for a Bending machine

As with most modern engineering products, designers want to make them look contemporary. Gone are the days of the simple box-shaped car. Consequently, an aeroplane or hydrofoil yacht cannot, by its nature, be anything other than aerodynamic. Current Formula one cars, and sports performance cars, all need to be able to use one basic engineering piece of equipment. They need the skills of Euromac Bending Machines like those that you can get from

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Without the use of Euromac Bending Machines, the necessary bends that are required in modern design would not be possible. In the past, every panel had to be beaten by hand by, well, by panel beaters. Hundreds of men would be skilled in the use of rubber hammers and tongs as they bent and beat hot metal sheets into submission and to a shape that was required. However, in the modern world, the human eye is not as precise as that of a computer-aided and programmed machine that can bend metal or plastic to the exact shape it is needed to be. There is no way a manual panel beater can get the correct angle on the frame of a Lear jet, for example.

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The same is true of pretty much any modern vehicle. Designers and engineers are able to calculate the maximum performance that can be gained via a component set at a precise angle. One of the most common examples is that of a Formula one car. Although they are no longer made of a metal chassis, there are very exact parts that need to meet specific degrees to make the car quicker and more effective. In many cases, the difference of a hundredth of a second is all that it takes to win races and to lose them. Again, this cannot be achieved through the line of sight. Any errors can be quickly spotted and rectified just as easily and quickly rather than asking an individual to start beating a brand new metal panel into shape.

Whilst the bending machine is an example of a human workforce being de-skilled and removed it has given us better consumer products and safer machines that are more reliable and less inclined to break down or fail. It has meant that we can build more items and increase the options available in many different industries.

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