Take a stroll through the woods in the UK, and you will most likely see some of Britain’s most beloved trees – the English Oak. These native trees have always been revered in the UK and for thousands of years have enjoyed being one of the most treasured trees we have.

As scientists urge world citizens to be mindful of climate change and to do their part to help protect the Earth, people are becoming more interested in alternate ways to power their lives beyond traditional coal-fired electricity. Most people are aware of solar and wind energy, but there are other options. Here are three types […]

Are you confused how to reduce pollution to save the earth? Let’s start. God generated us, provides us with the necessary to nurture, dress, grow, move, builds, produces, communicates. Without the Earth, we could not exist. But we do not always remember that she also needs us. Following some small tricks on How to reduce […]

Diesel produces more smoke than gasoline when it burns. So, it is normal for all diesel cars to generate some emissions. Are you facing the problem of smoke from exhaust on startup? All fumes aren’t the same and some of them may be giving us clues about possible mechanical problems, here you will see why.

Since the dawn of time, trees have always been a vital part of the environment. However, with the evolution of human life, there is a massive deforestation in favor of industrialization and urbanization.

We live in a world where nature is increasingly weakened by human activities, and as proof, the environment is degrading from day to day. In the four corners of the world, deforestation, climatic upheaval, pollution, extinction of animal and plant species are noted.

Canada’s geographic diversity and changing climate mean that many of the best hiking trails remain open all year round, meaning that your adventures do not have to end in the winter months. Here’s how to stay dry and safe during a winter hiking day.