With so much bad news and gloom and doom around over the past two years, it is little wonder that mental health problems are on the rise, and that many people are suffering from mental illness that have never suffered from it before. One of the most common mental illnesses that many people suffer from […]

What are the most expensive pieces of medical equipment? Well, for the most part, equipment that is used to treat high end medical conditions such as cancer or cardiac problems is going to cost a lot of money. However, equipment that is used to help lower and prevent the spread of certain medical conditions can […]

The importance of seeing a dentist regularly cannot be stressed enough. Studies have shown that people with missing or decaying teeth are more likely to suffer from gum disease and cavities than those who have healthy teeth. In fact, one out of every seven people will suffer from tooth decay in their lifetime. So if […]

Are you doing for a while now Yoga and now want to practice at home? Or are you just on vacation and will not close or yoga offered only in a language you do not understand? It’s great that you on the yoga mat moves, for whatever reason.

The World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates every May 31 the world day without tobacco, a direct cause of 650,000 deaths each year in the world. According to the Health Survey in the USA carried out in 2017. Although its harmful effects in our body with lung cancer as one of the most harmful consequences, dentistry […]

Home remedies for the purpose of lightening the shade of enamel are good because they are generally available. Their price is not higher than a few tens of rubles and most of the ingredients are always in the refrigerator or in the medicine cabinet. To determine what the best way to whiten at home is, […]

Perhaps, one of the options to lose weight is the egg diet, which brings great benefits to the body. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity notes that those who consume two pieces of this food a day can get to lose 65% of weight a week, compared with those who […]

The conditioner, although we do not believe it, is a basic product when it comes to washing the hair and keeping it well hydrated. Each type of hair requires the use of a specific conditioner, that is, one that contains the appropriate nutrients and components to cover each of your hair needs. When we give […]

We all have to control our blood pressure since a  high blood pressure ( more than 130-139 / 85-89 ). It is considered a severe risk to health. Constituting a problem for ourselves that must be taken into account, and that It must be controlled. Let’s know the consequences of high blood pressure and its causes. 

Do you want to know about the health benefits of cycling 15 minutes a day? During this period, the air of the winter is still aware. It has been completed for a few days and the bicycle is under the spotlight as the ideal recreation that allows everyone, young and old. To be well and […]