The Rise in Depression and How to Deal with it

With so much bad news and gloom and doom around over the past two years, it is little wonder that mental health problems are on the rise, and that many people are suffering from mental illness that have never suffered from it before.

One of the most common mental illnesses that many people suffer from at some point in their lifetime is depression. This can be a lonely and debilitating illness, that can become very severe and often lead to suicide. Many people with depression do not recognise that they suffer from it, so spotting someone who may have depression and encouraging them to seek help could potentially save a life.

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Many people who are suffering from depression may also be struggling to hold down a job as well, so if you are an employer, something that might help you and the people who work for you are courses like these Tidal Training mental health training courses. Depression is an illness that can be treated but being aware of it and knowing how to deal with it correctly is very important when it comes to making sure that the person suffering from it has the right treatment and support.

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If it is a friend or a family member that you suspect has depression, there are also help services available that will help to support both you and the person who is going through it.

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