What is diabetes and how is it managed

Diabetes is a condition where your blood glucose level is too high and your body either doesn’t produce any, enough or high quality insulin. There are a number of different types of diabetes that include type 1 diabetes where your body doesn’t make insulin at all and type 2 diabetes where the insulin you produce either isn’t in sufficient enough qualities or is not effective enough. Both conditions need to be carefully managed. In some cases in the event of those people needing care support, a care or medical professional who has undertaken Administration of medical training such as Tidal Training will deliver any medication that is needed.

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In other cases the individual or a family member may administer the medication needed. This will depend on the age of the individual and whether they are able to administer any insulin that they need to take. In the case of hypo’s and diabetic coma’s someone else will need to administer the medication for them.

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It is important that individuals with diabetes try to control their condition. This may include adjusting their diets, taking regular blood tests, through a prick of the finger to check glucose levels and in some cases administering insulin to help with the condition. Once the individual has the condition under control following diagnosis they can then manage the condition through their day to day activities and their diets and through any drugs they may need.

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