Garden projects that require a bit more power

No matter what size your garden is, there may be a time when you need to use something with a bit more power behind it rather than you with a shovel.  Nottingham Mini Digger Hire based company can be of help with any of the projects listed below. It’s safe to say that if the job means a lot of soil and earthmoving, you’ll need to give them a call.

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  1. Creating raised beds. Raised beds are a perfect way to have a tidy garden, plus they mean you don’t have to bend down every 5 minutes to work on plants. Or tend your vegetables. Once the wood is in place, you’ll need to fill the beds with soil and compost. It can be done much quicker with a digger.

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  1. Making trenches. Rather than bother with a compost heap, why not dig a large trench about 4 feet deep and fill it full of old peels, vegetable matter and other organic material. You then just fill it over with the soil you’ve uncovered. It will greatly improve the soil as it breaks down. Again, all that soil movement is a lot quicker with a Digger.
  2. Laying a patio or greenhouse. Having a decent patio is one of the most attractive features a garden can have. It also means you can entertain family and friends plus show off the wonderful flowers that you have in the garden.

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