Moving into a new property and modernising your home.

The housing market is booming at the moment and properties are in huge demand. If you are lucky enough to still be able to afford to move and have recently purchased your new home but need to modernise it, then here are a few ideas of how to do that.  If you are already living in the property, it’s more difficult to get the bigger renovating procedures completed but it can still be done.  Even if you have to stay in a cheap hotel or bed and breakfast for a few weeks while you have walls knocked down or extensions built you can do it.  Having to live in a home where there are constant drilling noises alongside dust and debris isn’t advisable for anybody’s sanity or relationship.  So bite the bullet as they say, pack up your work essentials such as a laptop, mobile phone, diary and spatula (if you’re a chef) and stay out of the way. Once you are able to get back into your home then the fun of redecorating can begin.

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Colour choices for bedrooms, new bathroom and kitchen tiles and units, curtains and Blinds Cheltenham, from a professional company such as, flooring choices, hardwood or vinyl?  The fun of creating your own unique and individual home is all yours.  Take your time and spread the cost over a few months, don’t try and tackle everything at once.  Have a list of priorities that you absolutely must get completed first and work your way through slowly. Obviously, the major renovations must come first but once that’s finished prioritising the other tasks that need to be done should be next. Have fun and enjoy the process, work together and try to laugh with each other when things go wrong or just don’t work out as you had hoped.

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Choose furniture, fixtures and fittings together, if possible, go for colour palettes that you both like and learn to compromise with each other.  Even choosing ordinary household items such as bed linen, cushions, towels, curtains etc can be something the two of you do together.  Try not to make decorating and painting a chore, if neither of you are creative, hands-on people it doesn’t matter.  Learn and try together, that is what owning your own home is all about, enjoying the creativity of turning your house into a home.

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