There are many reasons why people use Oak Feather Edge Cladding, but one of the main benefits is that it is extremely fire resistant. This means that homes in the future, that are constructed using this type of material, will be much safer than the ones constructed using traditional building materials. This type of material […]

If you have decided to buy an electric sander because you think you can get much out of it. If you do not know where to start, in this article we explain how to use an electric sander in a simple way. An electric sander is a very useful tool that you can find with […]

It happens that, our profession is par excellence a discipline in which we will always work as a team. Either with our own colleagues or with contractors, carpenters, workers and even our customers. In this article, we will only address 7 tips for architects and how to improve team dynamics with your colleagues and other […]

The gardens and outdoor spaces were secondary to many owners, but that era is over. These six trends of contemporary outdoor design give the gardens a new youth.

Reality TV series on home decorations try to make you think that only designers can solve our problems. Here are some tips to find in you the perfect designer. There have been several times in which I have come to wonder how to decorate my room. The truth is that I constantly see new design elements […]

Antiques. You generally either love them or have no time for them, or maybe, sit somewhere in between, where you understand why people love them, but prefer the more modern, contemporary furniture to line your home. And as a nation, we simply love antiques, whether that is to look at and enjoy in our home, […]

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That is it, it is confirmed, and you are moving. Now, you have to make your boxes. However, we must find them somewhere, these boxes.

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