Festivals of Light from around the globe

Light is something that humans have worshipped for millennia. A famous religious festival of light is Diwali, celebrated by Hindus across the world. However, there are many more less well-known festivals of light and these include:

  1. Japan – Aomori Nebuta Matsuri

During the summer in Japan, vibrant parades are held in the city of Aomori. Huge depictions of Gods and mythological creatures are paraded on floats, light up in extravagant ways. If all this talk of light has inspired you to replace your home lighting, don’t overlook the important ceiling rose choice. For Ceiling Roses, search for Creative Cables Ceiling Roses

  1. France – Festival of Lights

On 8th December each year, the French hold a celebration similar to Diwali in Lyon. The festival lasts for several days and is in honour of Mary, mother of Jesus.

  1. China – Lantern Festival

Somewhere between February and March, China lights up with parades featuring floats and a sea of lanterns. It is a true spectacle to behold – thousands of lanterns in procession.

  1. Taiwan – Pingxi Lantern Festival

This festival is similar to the one staged in China. The Taiwanese version is organised by the tourist board and involves sending lanterns floating down a river. Traditionally it was believed to be a sign that the town of Pingxi is safe from harm.

  1. Mexico – Night of the Witches

Held on the first Friday in the month of March, the town of Catemaco brings healers and witches together for a ceremony of cleansing where negative energies are cast out.

  1. UK – Bonfire Night

Most residents of the UK will associate this night of fire and fireworks with Guy Fawkes, but there are also numerous religious connections.

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