The type of wardrobe you have depends on your career. Some jobs require men to be more dressed up than others. Even if you typically dress casual, there are wardrobe essentials that include suits and blazers. You always want to look presentable. If dressing up isn’t your thing, you can still find unique combinations that […]

What name could be better chosen for line tier than “Persol” or “Per il Sole” (for the sun) in long version? Established in Agordo in the Veneto region, Persol was originally a glasses brand for aviators and pilots before diversifying its offer for the general public.

Nearly a century ago Perfecto made us turn our heads. The famous leather jacket made famous by the Schott brothers is a symbol of rebellion. Reserved for the masculine gender it has democratized over time.

Hydration is essential for your body and also for hair growth. Remember to drink at least two liters of water a day. Maybe you’ve cut your hair and did not like it or maybe you’re a little tired of your short hair. If you want to have longer hair does not hesitate to read the […]

The optical illusion The golden rule: the horizontal stripes give the effect of widening, and the vertical stripes thin and lengthen. Use this trick to your advantage.A plain sweater with a straight skirt with horizontal stripes will be an excellent asset if you do not have hips. Do you measure five feet?A dress with vertical […]

Choose classic cut jeans When you buy a pair of jeans, do not be tempted by all these trendy styles that involve discoloration, bizarre cuts, special colors and intentional tears.

Hair tends to fall more in season changes. However, if you observe that happens throughout the year, it may be due to nutritional deficiencies in your diet. Hair loss is an issue that concerns both men and women. Hair loss encompasses problems ranging from mild hair loss to baldness.

Scary Sounds Toilets can be fragile and prone to strange problems, so people not familiar with home repair may prefer to bring out the holy water than look at the pipes. Pipes can be scary places whether they are infested with evil spirits, bacteria, or both, so it is no wonder that people can see […]

For those individuals that spend a lot of time at home working outside on various tasks such as gardening, leaf blowing, gutter cleaning, touch up painting, etc., it is extremely important to own a quality pair of work gloves. Nowadays, it is easy to purchase good work gloves for almost any type of routine outdoor […]