Reduce the Risk of Being Burgled if you are Going Away at Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us look forward to getting away and seeing family or even taking a holiday in the sun. The weekend before Christmas is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year as we head off for a festive break and to catch up with loved ones.

However, this is also an opportunity for burglars to strike, so before you head off on your Christmas break, make sure that you are not risking your home and possessions in the process…

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Burglars will be on the lookout for clues. One of the things that they look for at this time of the year is a house that has expensive items inside. Christmas gifts like games consoles for example are a common target. Make sure that you don’t leave any clues outside your home such as boxes, and also be careful of what paperwork you are putting in the bin as this can lead to identity theft. A company like this confidential paper shredding Birmingham based company will be able to help you to dispose of this correctly.

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Another thing that a burglar will be on the lookout for is signs that the house is empty. With so many people away at Christmas, you can see why burglaries are common at this time of the year. Make sure that you don’t tell lots of people about your plans to go away, and if possible, get a trusted person to come into your house and make it look as though someone is there. Doing things like collecting the post, putting the bins out and parking on the driveway all help.

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