The Baby boomer and the social care issue.

We have a way of defining the ages of society via a system called the generations. It begins in the middle of the nineteenth century with what is known as “the lost generation”. These were people that were born before World War I and would end up fighting it. They are defined as lost from the disorienting effect of the war, the size and scale of which no one had seen before. Following them, from 1901 to 1927 are the greatest generation, so named because they fought in World War 2. Those born from 1927 onwards are the silent generation; they gave obedience and reverence to the forebears of the greatest generation. Next comes the Baby Boomers, anyone born from 1946 to 1964. They represent a growing social problem for the country.

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As the name suggests, the Baby Boom comes from the end of the Second World war. Birth rates rose dramatically, and this, combined with the creation of the NHS and the subsequent drop in infant and child mortality rates, saw a rise in the population. They enjoyed an economic and employment abundance that would last them into their 40 and 50s. They are also guaranteed a state pension.

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However, there followed a baby bust with Generation X that followed and the Millennials. It now means that a large chunk of the population is in retirement, drawing pensions and increasing demand for the health care service.  Its why there are so many Care Jobs Gloucester way from available for people to work in.

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