The cauliflower returns to the front of the culinary scene. Whether cooked raw, cooked or even roasted, this vegetable low in calories, but rich in vitamins and antioxidants, delights the taste buds of young and old. A look at the benefits of this super crucifer.

Commercial or retail fridges are used in many restaurants and catering businesses, for storing ingredients and foods for long and short periods of time. There has a been a recent surge in popularity amongst homeowners investing in these types of fridges, mainly due to their increased capacity, stainless steel finishes and glass doors. Image Credit […]

It is essential to save costs in catering wherever possible. This should include an approach which focuses on produce costs, procurement and cost comparisons between outsourcing or in-house catering. Image Credit In-house Catering It may be cheaper to undertake the catering yourself. Even if you don’t have catering equipment, it may be far more sustainable long-term. It all […]

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that software development is just about code, and that since much of that can be in the form of standard modules, it’s an easy job. But in fact, there’s much more to development: it involves making sure that software does what it’s supposed to and keeps […]

If you are confused about the difference between software testing and quality assurance, you are not alone. Whilst they are closely related in their role, they each have different models to follow. When developing software, it is important to understand how each one relates to the other in the software life cycle and what their […]

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has seized nearly 4 million dollars worth of adulterated milk products, over fears of contamination. Image Credit US marshals confiscated a number of 40 and 50-pound bags containing dry nonfat milk powder and buttermilk powder from Valley Milk Products LLC in Strasburg, Virginia. An FDA inspection of Valley […]

We all love our pets and want to spoil them from time to time, especially with Christmas round the corner. But there is a fresh warning about giving your dogs chocolate, with the US FDA saying it could cause real health issues for man’s best friend. Image Credit What’s the Harm? Well, in short, chocolate […]

Dark floors can add a dramatic and sophisticated feeling to your home. Nevertheless, some people avoid using dark flooring because they believe it will make the room look darker and smaller. Image Credit This is not true; dark floors can actually help to brighten a room if they are paired with bright colours. If you […]

Preparing your mind as well as your body is essential for success on the hockey pitch. Read on for some top mental preparedness tips for hockey players. Image Credit Tune Your Focus All hockey players have other stuff going on in their lives – a day job, a family, the usual stresses of life. When […]

Any person would always want to have a good massage at the end of a tiring day. A massage is one of the best therapies to release tension and to relax. Many people nowadays would resort to having a massage because of its many benefits to health and well-being. Massage boutiques offer a variety of […]