Three Times that you Might Want to Get your Drains Inspected

Most people do not give much thought to drains! It is only when they become problematic that we might notice them – things like bad smells, water not draining, or leaks and breakages in the pipes all are things that draw attention to the drains and mean that we need to take action fast to prevent the problem getting worse.

When it comes to drains, it is always best to get a professional in to ensure that the problem is correctly diagnosed and can be dealt with by knowledgeable people who have had the correct training and equipment, like this CCTV drain survey Maidenhead based company for example.

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Here are some of the times that it is worth having someone take a closer look at your drains…

Bad Smells – This is often one of the most obvious signs that all is not well inside your drain. All sorts of items go into drains that the drains are not able to deal with. Things from the kitchen like grease and food remains, and things from the bathroom like dental floss and cotton pads are just some of the things that can cause blockages to occur inside drains. A bad smell is usually caused by this, and it could be anywhere within the pipe, causing the stink to travel up to where you can smell it.

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Moving House – Another good time to have your drains inspected is when you move into a new property. Because much of what goes on inside the drain is unseen until it causes a problem, having the drains inspected when you first move to a new home is a great way to ensure that there are no issues that you might be about to encounter, and if there are, to have them repaired before they become more serious.

Water Taking a Long time to Drain Away – If you have noticed that water is taking a long time to go down the plughole, this is another sign that you may need to have an inspection carried out on your plumbing. This is another common sign of blockages and only gets worse if it is left undealt with for a long time. It could also be caused by damage to the internal pipes, so it is important that you have this looked at as soon as possible.

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