Dos and don’ts for organising wedding flowers


When working with a florist, there are many ways you can help them tailor the perfect arrangements just for you. Why not invite them to look around your wedding venues with you? Although this can seem excessive, it can really help give them a better concept of where and how things will work best. You can then discuss your vision together, bringing it to life and perhaps inspiring new ideas.

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Do take your time when choosing your inspiration. Looking through bridal or florist magazines every so often can help the gradual progression of your vision. A great way to collate your ideas can be a mood board whether that’s physical or online, as it will visualise your colours and textures as one.

Choosing flower types can be tricky however the main advice to stick by is to trust the professional! If there are flowers that mean something to you then the florist would be able to try and incorporate it into a sentimental piece. Companies such as Florist Gloucestershire will know what flowers are in season, and help you create arrangements with your best interests at heart.


Don’t just focus on the flowers. It can be easy to forget about the foliage that is essential to spread out the colours and make the bouquet or arrangements feel balanced. There are thousands of different types of greenery such as grasses, ruscus or eucalyptus. Work with your florist to choose the right style and textures because it can really add volume and a ‘wow’ factor to your pieces.

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This is your day; therefore, do not be dragged into choosing flowers that are on trend or traditional if they do not fit your own vision. It can be extremely refreshing not just for the guests but the florist, to choose flowers and aesthetics that are outside the box. Remember that you will want to look back and feel that your wedding reflected you and your partner.

Don’t just focus on the bouquet and bridesmaids’ flowers if you can help it. Using your budget wisely for wedding flowers does not mean stretching it out so that you have lots of little pieces, it means using them to your advantage. Centrepieces can be extremely eye-catching and look beautiful in photos. If you have a large venue or church, flowers are a great way of decorating to break up the vastness of the space, bringing some outside, inside…

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