10 tips for a holiday reception at a lower cost

holiday party
  1. Cheap decorations

You can organize a memorable and enjoyable party without spending a fortune.

  • Spread fir tree branches or twigs in the center of your table or along the coat of your chimney. No need to stick to balsam fir: branches of cedar or pine also look great.
  • Stretch some unbreakable plastic baubles between the branches for an effortless and low-cost centerpiece.

holiday party
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  1. Gifts exchange

Rather than buying a gift for each member of your family, organize an exchange of gifts between adults.

  • The principle is simple: pull numbers and, in turn, choose a gift brought by your friends and family members.
  • This is an affordable way to offer gifts while establishing a new tradition.
  1. Surprises in Christmas stocking

Another great way to cut costs at Christmas is to agree to buy a small gift to put in the stocking of every member of the house.

  • This can even replace the traditional gifts under the tree if you wish.
  • Determine a price limit for each item, for example, $ 10. This approach makes the discovery of the content of the stockings an exciting and fun event for the whole family!
  1. Biscuit Exchange

Another great way to entertain during the holidays while avoiding the costs involved is to organize a cookie exchange.

  • Each prepares biscuits for the participants and others to share with the group during the event.
  • This is also a great way to get a variety of small treats prepared care.
  1. Sharing

Costs to receive guests can make a hole in your holiday budgets.

  • To counter this inconvenience through a potluck. Your guests will not be reluctant to bring a dish and this will allow you to welcome people more often.
  1. Plan intelligently

By the end of the holidays, this is the perfect time to get decorations, accessories and wrapping paper, as the merchandise is sold in shops.

  • These items will not be useful if you cannot find them the following year.
  • Place your purchases in a sturdy plastic bag and label it clearly.
  1. Evening of ugly Christmas sweaters

This is the latest trend: organizing a party where everyone wears his most awful Christmas sweater.

  • But why limit yourself to the Christmas theme? Organize an evening of Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve sweaters.
  • Visit thrift stores to find cheap themed sweaters.
  1. Make a draw

Make your event more special by presenting a door prize.

  • It can be a basket of candy from the dollar store or gifts you have received that you do not like.
  • Wrap it all up and shoot a guest’s name to finish the evening in style.
  1. Out of the ordinary themes

Give your celebration an ambiance unusual by choosing a theme.

  • Go for something unexpected and establish a new tradition.
  • For example, a Las Vegas themed party and casino would be ideal for Christmas Eve. Play cards, light a disco ball and enjoy the evening with friends and family!
  1. Group Donation

Launch the tradition of organizing an office party where, instead of feeling compelled to buy gifts for all of your colleagues and supervisors, each brings a small gift that will be donated to a charity in your area.

  • For example, ask everyone to bring a pet-themed gift that will be donated to an animal shelter.

Enjoy the holidays without regretting your expenses. Follow these tips to discover new ways to celebrate.

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