4 ways to entertain your kids without spending too much


Your children complain that they have nothing to do and your budget does not allow you a costly visit to the local amusement park. Fortunately, several affordable activities will bring happiness and entertainment to the whole family.


1. Explore your city

Become a tourist in your own city and visit all places you thought were dedicated solely to travelers.

  • Historic sites often offer very reasonable admission fees.
  • Many museums offer student or reduced fares on certain days or at off-peak times. For example, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts offers free admission to children under 12 accompanied by an adult.
  • If buses and trains fascinate your children, you will score points if you use public transport to get to your destination. In addition to discovering your city a little more, you will save money on gas and parking.

2. Play games

It is not because bowling, laser games, karting and miniature golf have always existed that they are less appealing to children.

  • Look for promotions and coupons that can make these releases even more affordable.
  • A visit to the park with a Frisbee or a soccer ball, followed by a picnic, is the ultimate affordable activity.

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3. Enjoy the outdoors

Many options for family fun are available if you enjoy spending time outdoors.


4. Visit a flea market or festival

Flea markets offer all kinds of interesting items sold at low prices.

  • Give each of your children $ 5 to spend for what they want. You might be surprised at what will attract their attention.
  • Do not forget local fairs and festivals if you are looking for affordable family activities. These events usually offer something interesting for each age group and activities are often free or available at a low cost.



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