6 Steps to Organize a Secret Santa Claus Party

Santa Claus Party

What is a secret Santa Claus?

This is a great way to celebrate the Christmas celebration of bringing people together as part of an anonymous gift exchange called Secret Santa.

Santa Claus Party
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  • A day or a secret Santa party perfectly reflects the spirit of this holiday and gives amusing more intrigue to the gift exchange process.
  • This also alleviates financial concerns because participating members have to offer only one gift for one person.
  1. Drawing of names

Gather all the people you want to include at the Secret Santa event and have them write their names on a piece of paper.

  • Place these names in a hat or bowl and ask everyone to draw one at random.
  • If you cannot get everyone together before the holidays, you can draw the names by lot yourself and then send an email to each person with the name of the person to whom they will make a gift.
  1. Establish a budget

Establish an average budget of the amount to spend for a secret Santa gift.

  • This makes trading less stressful financially and more fun.
  1. Purchase of the gift

You must purchase your partner’s gift, between the time of the name draw and the day of the secret Santa day.

  • Choose something appropriate to their personality and be sure to limit yourself to the established budget. This makes the challenge more interesting.
  1. Packing the gift

Wrap the Secret Santa gift in a festive wrapping paper.

  • Make sure to include on the gift a small card indicating to whom it is intended but above all not to indicate who it is from. Ask your guests to do the same.
  1. Organize the event

On the day of the party, pick up a large basket or a large gift bag in which guests can present their gifts upon arrival.

  • As soon as everyone is present, start exchanging gifts.
  • You can take out the gifts of the people one by one and open them in turn.
  • Whenever a gift is opened, ask the recipient to guess who the donor was. Then ask the donor to reveal his identity.
  • For more fun, enter the number of guests who come to correctly guess the person who made them a gift.
  1. Add a charity item

If you would like to include a charity item at this holiday season, ask each guest to bring two gifts: one for his secret Santa partner and another for people in difficulty.

  • Gather gifts for the disadvantaged in a separate bag and once your Santa Claus event is over, donate your gifts to a charity.
  • It is recommended to contact their organizations in advance to get a list of the type of items they need.

Your budget is tight but you love to celebrate Christmas, give and receive Christmas gifts? Why not organize a secret Santa party!

These are just some of the traditional snacks that are prepared for Santa Claus around the world. This year, try to find a recipe for one or more of these treats with the help of your children or, better yet, establish your own tradition.

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