6 Storage Tips for Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations

1. Finished the tangled garlands

What would be the end-of-year celebrations without the garlands of lights, that they illuminate the pines, the mantels of the chimneys or the gardens? And what would be the garlands of lights fresh out of the boxes if they were not tangled?Christmas Decorations

All you need to keep them tidy is a box of empty coffee and its lid.

Cut the plastic cover of the box with a sharp knife and insert one end of the garland.

Wrap the garland around the box, gluing the end to the box so that nothing moves.

Before replacing the lid, fill the box with spare bulbs and an extension cord. No knots and no misplaced accessories!

2. Put the fragile objects at the head of the gondola

Fire or fireplace decorations range from wooden drum players to delicate crystal doves. The latter and their peers need special attention.

If you are packaging fragile items with other decorative elements, first wrap them in a cloth and then put them in a self-adhesive plastic bag.

When storing them in a storage box, be sure to place them one on top of the other to avoid damaging them when you pull them out of the box the following year.

3. Store the large decorations

Santa Claus on your lawn, with his sled and his reindeer, is not inflatable.

The elements of this joyful painting are rather made of molded plastic that cannot be flattened, and unless you have an empty room, they have a larger storage problem than Santa’s bag.

Keep zippered clothing bags, which should be large enough to hold one or two items (or more, depending on their size).

Hang the bags in rafters in the attic or in the basement.

Or, hang a hammock between two rafters and store your belongings there.

4. Make cabbages easy to spot

You have an extra glass container and you do not know yet what to do with it?

If it is large and has a lid, put away sticky knots and cabbages so you know what you have in the blink of an eye when you need to pack your gifts.

5. Tighten the spark plugs

If stored in a warm place, candles tend to deform and bend – and a bent candle is only good for those who make and like to melt candles.

Avoid the problem by storing them in a place that will remain below 24 ° C throughout the year, even if it forces you to store them in the cellar or in a closet.

Wrap candles individually in tissue paper and lay them flat in a plastic container or cardboard box (or, in the spirit of reuse, in rolls of paper towels or in chips).

6. Number the garlands

The artificial garlands with which you have covered your staircase have earned you the praise of your friends and family at Christmas, but this year you are not sure to remember the place of each garland.

Label the lengths with their location by numbering them in order, from the ramp all the way up to the last foot at the bottom.

Use fasteners to mark the places where the lengths have been hung on the ramp to make curves.

Clearly, label the storage box “wreath of the staircase” so as not to confuse them with other garlands that you may have used.

These practical tips for storing your Christmas decorations will help you stay organized year after year and make installation (and storage) a breeze.

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