Entertainment Ideas For Your Marquee Party

When hosting a party in a marquee, you have an opportunity to really go to town on the decorations and create a fabulous ambience that your guests will be impressed by. One easy way to add some wow factor to your party marquee is to hang fairy lights. These are available in a range of colours and some even flicker and flash. They are a safe and cost effective option for lighting your marquee at night.

Another idea is to use a projector to cast images onto the wall of your marquee. This can be a montage of photos of the birthday boy or girl or perhaps some beautiful art to complement your theme. It can also be a fun way to get the dancefloor moving by showing a selection of music videos and clips.

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You can really set the scene for your event in a marquee by creating zones. This is ideal if you are using different caterers, entertainment providers and other suppliers for your event. This will help your guests find their way around. For example you could have a bar zone, dancing area and chill-out lounge.

Creating zones within your marquee is an easy way to make the space feel cosy and intimate as well as catering for different age groups. Younger guests will love a marquee that feels like a mini garden complete with deck chairs and beanbags. Alternatively, you can go for a retro vibe with a marquee dressed with a disco ball and mirrorballs.

Marquees provide a blank canvas to bring your vision of the perfect party to life. Marquees have been transformed into nightclubs, recreated the Great Gatsby era and gone all American rock ‘n’ roll, to name but a few. For a more high-brow take on your themed marquee, a theme inspired by literature can work well. Classics such as Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream lend themselves perfectly to a marquee setting. For Marquee Hire Bristol, visit goodintents.co.uk/marquee-hire-near-me/marquee-hire-bristol

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When your guests aren’t dancing on the dance floor or enjoying the live band, they will be looking for some entertainment that they can participate in. Interactive workshops like cooking or mixology are a fantastic way to engage your guests and teach them new skills. You could also host a DIY craft workshop where your guests can create something to take home with them.

A good way to keep guests entertained is with games that challenge their brains. A twister tournament is a hilarious way to keep your guests active during the band or DJ’s breaks. Everyone secretly wants to be a ninja warrior so why not give them the chance with a series of obstacle courses. Or try a more laidback option and ask a storyteller to share a tale.

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