How to organize a party for teenagers?


Adolescents are a demanding audience: they want to be adults but they are not, they want to have everything but cannot get it, and when something does not suit them, nothing can change their minds. They must feel adults and young at the same time.

If your teenager finishes his exams soon or if he wants to celebrate his birthday at home, read this article on will explain how to organize a party for teenagers.

The first thing to do to organize a party for teenagers is to involve the teenager himself. The teenager wants above all to have fun. That’s why you should ask him for his opinion, what would please him, where he would like the celebration to take place, the ideas he had in mind … Once you know his desires, you can Set conditions and set limits, determine what is appropriate for your budget and negotiate if

At this age, the thematic festivals have the coast. You can organize a party around a particular theme or a specific time.

For example, a celebrity-themed party, to which all guests must disguise as an artist or singer, award a prize for the most successful costume and decorate the room as if it were a large one The Academy Awards ceremony. Other fun possibilities for thematic parties: pajama night, the 1960s, 1970s or 1980s, hats, masks, black and white, mafia or Far West.

If the party takes place during the summer, why not hold a Hawaiian party? At the pool, with juices served in cocktail glasses, flower collars, floats, water guns and abundant Caribbean

The decoration should not be overloaded. Balloons always help to dress the walls, give life to the spaces and are incontestably elements of celebration. If your party is thematic, do not forget to place some details that will give relief to the place according to the chosen theme. If you choose, for example, to celebrate a celebrity party, you can place posters with photographs of actresses and use a red cloth to make the famous red carpet, on which all the guests will parade.

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Do not ruin yourself in decorations, as these are details that you will probably only use once and that will go unnoticed by some. Choose two complementary colors, which will give life to the decoration of the place. Use coils, plates, tablecloths, balloons, towels and make a nice cake.

As with any successful celebration, the meal is essential. Prepare different things to nibble for guests to eat a little at the beginning of the celebration. Do not tire yourself in the kitchen, do not buy very elaborate dishes because, at this age, the teenagers prefer to dance, discuss and conquer their first love. Two hours before the end of the party, you can serve sandwiches so that the guests do not go

Music is essential: if you have a Mp3 or an iPod, you can make a playlist with the successes of the moment and pass them on speakers so that the guests can dance the whole evening. If you have a large budget, you can skip this step and hire a DJ who will animate and set the mood throughout the celebration.

Drinks in a party of teenagers have to be very creative because at this age they should not drink alcohol (even if they would want). You can offer cocktails such as daiquiri, piña colada or mojito without alcohol and serve them with crushed ice in pretty plastic cuts. Do not forget to buy juices, refreshments, and water.

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If this is an end-of-exam party and you consider that the guests are already in the age of consuming alcoholic beverages, be personally charged to buy the right amount for moderate consumption.

If it is a birthday, the cake is essential. You can order it and have it decorated or do it you.

At an adolescent party, supervision of an adult is essential. You must take into account that at this age, the hormones are upside down and the temptation is great. Pay attention to the behavior of the guests: let everything be under

Every feast has an end. If you do not want to spend your evening cleaning and collecting, buy plastic glasses, plates, and cutlery so you can easily take it off at the end of the celebration. You can also serve snacks and snacks in disposable dishes that you can find in different styles and colors in specialty shops.

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