Perfect appointment according to the sign of the zodiac

sign of the zodiac

Let’s admit sign of the zodiac. We all like to be surprised. We are all thrilled to be surprised by something unexpected. Although when we want to surprise someone, things change. We are assailed by a sea of doubts every time the anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other date indicated in the calendar arrives. The reason is simple. There are many options when it comes to organizing an appointment, so many, that some people give up and end up choosing the classic “go for a drink” of a lifetime.

Sign of the zodiac

sign of the zodiac

Organizing the ideal appointment is not as difficult as it seems. It is not even necessary to know for years the person we want to surprise. Knowing your birth date is enough. Your sign of the zodiac gives us all the information we need. And with that information, we have made these twelve perfect quotes. Surely you make it an unforgettable day. Keep reading: 5 Zodiac signs that spit on your feelings


Start planning ahead. Find an event for the benefit of some NGO. Surely you find a concert that you may like. When you have the tickets, warn him not to make plans for that day – with how active it is you will need to warn him to make a hole in your agenda – and from that moment start a bombardment of letters and notes under the door. .. In which you tell him how important it is for you and the desire you have to get that special day. Anyone else would be bothered by this harassment, but Aries will be happy.

sign of the zodiac

On the day of the appointment, after the concert, let him improvise and do whatever he wants. Most likely you opt for some tapas, some beers, more tapas … Possibly the evening is late and you are exhausted but the energy of Aries has not yet been exhausted. If you make an effort and you propose to return home by bicycle, yours will go smoothly.


Book dinner for two at your favorite restaurant. The same one that took you on your first date, or if this is the first, the one you know loves to go with their friends. You do not need to be surprised with new places. Taurus always prefers to play it safe.

sign of the zodiac

During the dinner, ask him about that idea of the future that he told you about. Surely it was about buying a house or changing cars. You will like to see that you are interested and will be happy to explain all the details.

When you arrive at the desserts, take out the present you had hidden: your favorite Jackie Chan movie on DVD so you can watch it as many times as you want on your sofa. You will like it so much that you will be looking forward to coming home to arrive and put it.

To finish, say that you go to the bathroom and take the opportunity to pay the bill. You will love the detail that you run with the expenses without giving you the option of having to take out your wallet.


Convince Gemini to pack your suitcase and go to town for the weekend. It will cost you a bit, because it always tells you to be bored when you go, so I’m sure you’ll make a thousand excuses not to go. Once in the car, divert your course and go to an unknown place on the mountain. With that vivacity that characterizes him, it will not take long to realize where you are going, but do not say anything. Let him keep trying to guess it.

sign of the zodiac gemini

Once at your destination take him for a walk around and take the opportunity to tell him the history of the place where you are (which you must have studied thoroughly). Your knowledge will captivate you, will make you overcome questions perhaps, but without doubt will lead to an interesting conversation.

Finally, surprise him at dinner by taking him to a unique place with difficult access from which to contemplate the stars while tasting his favorite delicacies.


Ask him to look for you when he leaves work to go out to dinner and surprise him when you go to look for him. Take a little walk through the old part of your city holding hands enjoying the landscape and observing every detail. Go to a privileged place from which to contemplate the sights calmly. Look for the mobile in your jacket to immortalize that moment of romanticism and pose with your best smile.

sign of the zodiac

Then, take Cancer to the theater to see something you know he will like. A tragedy full of passion, jealousy, love and of course a happy ending. Do not ask him if he’s excited because you can imagine the answer.

Finish the evening with a romantic dinner at home by candlelight in which detail is not lacking. Surprise him with his favorite dishes (even better if there is one that reminds him of his childhood) and when dessert arrives, get up to read a poem written by you especially for the occasion.


A Leo likes to take the lead in this event so it is to think that everything has chosen him.

Start by observing the calendar. Surely there is a weekend free of any sporting event that may interest you. Propose on purpose to go to a place that you do not like too much that same weekend and you will see how it is he who suggests you change your plans and go elsewhere. You just have to recognize that it’s a much better plan than yours, accept and be ready.

sign of the zodiac leo

The next step is to find information about the area and make sure it falls into your hands by chance so that you end up reading it.

As soon as you get distracted, you will be in charge of booking the hotel, the restaurant for dinner and even the menu of the two (wine included). Saying yes to everything and thanking him a thousand times will be enough to dazzle him. Of course, once there do not forget to laugh at their jokes and show interest in everything you say or do.


Tell him the day before so he does not plan to fix anything at home and may have the afternoon off. Stay for an hour and arrive fifteen minutes early so you do not have to wait. Virgo will be glad to see that for once it is not he who arrives earlier.

sign of the zodiac virgo

Take him to an exhibition in which besides observing he can interact in some way. Something related to science is sure to be interesting. Get involved too. Ask him to explain something you do not understand. He will love to teach you.

Then you can go to a vegetarian restaurant where they serve organic products and comment while you try the tofu, which has seemed the exhibition. Even though he told you that he liked it, surely his list of aspects that can be improved is not less than a hundred.

After dinner you can have a drink in a quiet bar while playing a game of trivia or chess and put your intelligence to the test. If you let him win the first time he will be encouraged to play a couple of games more secure.


Make a reservation at the trendy restaurant to which you have commented that you would like to go. Go find him at work and take him to dinner. You already know that Libra does not like unexpected situations too much, so do not tell her exactly where you’re going but tell her you’ll have dinner out. You will like to be prepared for the occasion.

From the moment you pick him up, take care of the last detail: the music of the car, the smell of the air freshener, the temperature … any other sign would go unnoticed. But not Libra.

Once at the restaurant, be charming. Encourage him to be the one to taste the wine, be nice … but above all give him a good conversation and make him laugh. That will make him really comfortable. Already in the dessert, take out that little box that you kept in your jacket. It could be expensive, but you’ll be even more surprised with two VIP tickets for a classical music concert. You will get it to surrender to your feet and maybe even some small tear will escape.


Forget going to a restaurant. That of giving it all done will not convince Scorpio. He prefers to learn to do it himself. That’s why the best option is that you opt for one of those workshops in which they talk about an exotic country and teach you how to prepare one of its characteristic dishes. In addition, you can try your creations when you finish and you will have had dinner. You will spend an interesting, fun and original time. Very Scorpio in short.

sign of the zodiac

Then you can go for a beer and snack on the way if you are hungry.

Find a place to chat about the anecdotes of the workshop and comment what you think. Although better if instead of talking you are the one who listens and Scorpio speaks hastily.

Later you can finish the night dancing in a disco. Strive even if it is not your thing and let Scorpio have fun wasting charm and consuming energy.


Sagittarius is a sign that likes emotions and adventure, so it will not be enough for you to take it to the zoo to spend the day. However, it is the perfect excuse.

sign of the zodiac sagittarius

Make it early on a Saturday and drive to the nearest aerodrome. Tell him he’s going to ride a plane and surprise him with an even better experience: the flight without a motor.

I’m sure that even if he’s a little scared, he tells you that he loves the idea. You meanwhile, do not miss out on detail while taking photos from the mainland.

After your adventure go to the small charming hotel that you have located nearby. Taste the most exquisite of the menu while telling you how the experience has been. Possibly he could be talking about the same thing for hours. Take advantage that you are far from civilization to take outdoor walks during the weekend and rest.


Pick up Capricorn at home. Even though the restaurant where you have reserved for dinner is nearby, do not let it have to walk anywhere. Open the door and help him get into the car.

The restaurant you’re heading to can’t be anybody. It must be the most chic you can find, one of those from whose roof there is the best panoramic view of the city that I have seen.

Before sitting down to dinner, have a drink (first marks, of course) while you delight in the views and ask him what he thinks of the last movements that have been in stock. You will love that you take out a topic that dominates and you will have conversation for the next two hours. Then go to the restaurant and taste the most exquisite of the menu while you continue talking about finance.

Pay yourself and go for a drink. Do not lower the bar and search among the new premises that have opened in the city and that are likely to be very busy. You can propose several so you can choose the one you like the most and continue there talking about finance.


Take out tickets to see that new science fiction movie in the original version that Aquarius has been talking about for months before the premiere and whose director deeply admires. Yes, the one you told him you would not go crazy. You will appreciate very much that you are willing to see it but it will not be enough. You will have to get involved, pay attention to all the little details that you know that will later tell you when you have dinner and tell each scene in your ear.

After the print movie session, going to the Hindu who always tells you that he was years ago with his friends and he loved it. Let him ask for and try everything on the table while you discuss every little detail of the movie.

To end the night take it to the bar that you like so much. You do not need to look for the last one that you have opened, because you will prefer to go to the usual one. Surprise him by joining several of his friends from school there, whom you know he has not seen in a long time.


Appointment to Pisces with half an hour advance on the scheduled time to avoid so you arrive late. Despite this, you’ll probably have to wait, so take a book and let her take her time without rushing you or telling you anything. You will appreciate the lack of pressure.

When you finally leave home, take him to a place with great sensitivity. What do you think of a museum? You will be fully successful if you take him to see the last exhibition of his favorite artist in a special visit in which you receive a glass of wine and live violins live in the background.

Find a small family restaurant that is far from the great tumults and concentrations of people. One in which the kitchen is simple and tasty as at home. You will enjoy having dinner while you talk about what you liked most about the exhibition.

You can close the evening by confessing something you do not know about the sign of the zodiac. Tell him that you are passionate about the occult sciences and you will see how something lights up in his face. You may be interested also:

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