The Supreme Checklist for Camping


Choose your location

What’s good with camping is having the choice. But before diving into a new adventure, take a moment to reflect on the type of camping that you want to practice:

  • Would you like a winter camping adventure?
  • What would you think of camping on the beach with the waves to fall asleep each night?
  • You can always enter the spirit of the pioneers and let yourself be tempted by camping in the woods.
  • And if you wish, you can come with your dog. Just check in advance if the campsite accepts pets.

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After making your choice, you will need to think about the best time to book, at the price, and whether the campsite where you wish to stay requires a security deposit.

With so many beautiful national parks in Canada , the choice can be difficult. That’s why the Internet is so useful; because you will find information on the best camping sites in Canada . What’s more, each province and territory have its own website, so the choice is yours!

What material to bring?

Before you go on an adventure, it should make a list of equipment and gadgets for camping that you need to bring: essential camping accessories such as floor mats and projectors, essential camping items that Do not forget at home, especially matches and a good pocket knife.

  • When you reach your destination, you’ll be relieved to know that nothing is missing – because you have done the kind of list that every camper should have prepared perfectly!
  • It is also a good idea to have on your list the clothes to take away and a checklist to think about taking a first aid kit for the campsite.

Schedule meals

Well-fed campers are happy campers. This is why ordinary sandwiches everyday unsuitable and why it is so important to plan simple and tasty recipes for camping .

  • Do not forget to bring the camping utensils you will need to cook.
  • Keep in mind that in many places it is forbidden to make open fires, what to check before you go.

Basic needs

You do not know everything about buying a tent, a stove or a sleeping bag? Take the time to inquire and ask relevant questions, since, after all, you’ll want this equipment to last a while.

  • First, set a budget and ask yourself if you prefer new equipment, used or leased.
  • Before you go shopping, make a list of accessories and check what you already own.

Undesirable visitors

Think about it: when you go camping, you invite yourself to our furry friends.

  • Are you not an amateur of critters? Make sure to have insect repellent to reach tomorrow.
  • This could also be beneficial to learn more about the wildlife around you, to be better equipped to fend off bears, raccoons or snakes .
  • Check out these sources to better protect you from these animals.

Encourage children to take part in the activity

Nothing could be more enjoyable than a family camping trip. Learn to manage your children on a trip , either babies or teenagers (with which you will likely set rules for the use of smartphones).

  • Think of games and activities to do once arrive at a destination. After a long day, how about offering everyone a storytelling session around the campfire or songs in the chorus?
  • Do not forget to include the man’s best friend!

If you have never set foot in a tent or spent a night in a sleeping bag, this could be a good time to try the campsite and see how a simple meal and an evening spent under the stars can rejuvenate the mind and To unite with nature.

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