How to protect nature


We live in a world where nature is increasingly weakened by human activities, and as proof, the environment is degrading from day to day. In the four corners of the world, deforestation, climatic upheaval, pollution, extinction of animal and plant species are noted. By dint of seeing all these scourges, one would say that we have little time left to survive on our dear planet. However, it is not too late. In addition, all actions, even the smallest ones, count. Find out what measures and what actions to take to protect nature.

Adopting responsible behavior

Protecting nature begins with oneself. Every act and action count to preserve our planet. You have to realize that all the things you do have an impact. For example, if you walk down the street or in the country, do not throw away your bottles of water, paper, beer cans or sandwich packaging anywhere. If there is no trash, keep them on until you find one. Imagine if each of us throws our garbage on the ground and these will accumulate, the earth will not look pretty. Only throw your garbage into garbage bags reserved for it. Again, one must know how to sort between what is no longer recoverable and what is recyclable. There are many ways and lines of action that are beneficial to nature:

  • Save water
  • Do not use chemicals

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In addition to recycling and sorting garbage, which is a basic behavior to protect our environment, you must adopt the spirit of recycling in general: Do not throw away, and reuse!

Keep items that can still be recycled and used for other purposes: cans, cartons, rainwater, etc. This way, you will avoid wasting. Speaking of recycling, use only reusable items and banish those made of plastic that is very polluting. For example, to make your purchases, opt for reusable bags and not plastic bags.

Other ideas for recycling everyday objects:

  • Reuse glass jars to store food, instead of using Tupperware
  • Use your old t-shirt as a rag to clean

Use canned cans as flowerpots


Do not throw away the cooking water of your vegetables; re-use it to cook pasta or rice! (You will benefit from all the nutrients, in addition, to give more taste to your dishes)

Reducing CO2 emissions


It is important to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as these are responsible for the greenhouse effect and climate change. Today, hybrid green cars or electric cars can already be considered. In addition, especially if you live in the city, you have to start using other modes of transport such as cycling, carpooling or public transport as an alternative to the car to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the air. However, be aware that your carbon footprint is also indirect and does not depend solely on your transportation:

  • Housing: your electricity consumption directly influences greenhouse emissions. To reduce your electricity consumption, you can change the bulbs with LED bulbs, use the ECO mode of the washing machine, limit the consumption of heating and air conditioning, do not leave the appliances in standby mode etc.
  • Food: The food industry, and especially livestock, is the third most polluting industry. Limit the consumption of red meat, the most demanding meat in all, and consume local and seasonal products. Tropical fruits that are not in season generates a lot of transport and pollution, and are often grown in greenhouses.

Strengthening the law and regulations


With regard to the protection of fauna and flora, regulations should be strengthened to prohibit deforestation and poaching and put them into practice. As a result, these illegal activities must cease. At the same time, the concept of social and environmental responsibility must be applied to all enterprises. For example, they need to use less paper and learn to recycle. As for the plants, which expressly discharge their waste into the sea, they must be called to order. This is a more political dimension, nature has no voice strictly speaking, but by your commitment, you can take its defense.

Educating children


Finally, the protection of nature also requires the education of the new generation. From now on, we must teach our children to love and respect nature to save the planet. In addition, to adopt key gestures from an early age to become automatisms. The first models of the children are his own parents, so he will reproduce later what they will see at home. Show the example!




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