What are the benefits of trees on the environment?


Since the dawn of time, trees have always been a vital part of the environment. However, with the evolution of human life, there is a massive deforestation in favor of industrialization and urbanization. By reducing day-to-day the green spaces, it seems that humanity does not realize the importance that the trees have on the future of our planet. That’s why, before it’s too late, Toutcomment.com would like to remind in this article what the benefits of trees are on the environment.

Shafts as air filters

One of the main benefits of trees to the environment is their ability to purify the air. Whether in the city or in the countryside, they absorb carbon dioxide in the air and retain in their foliage the various pollutants harmful to the environment. By photosynthesis, trees have the ability to release oxygen, allowing us to breathe clean air. Thus, the survival of humanity depends entirely on the existence of trees because, without them, one could not breathe properly.


Trees as soil protectors

Trees are also useful to protect the soil from erosion. Indeed, their roots help to maintain the soil and stabilize it. In the event of flooding or severe wind, a tree surface is more protected than a treeless area, which may cause erosion or gully erosion. Trees also play an essential role in the regularization of soil hydrology. Thanks to them, the water table is maintained at the right level.

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Trees and health

Trees bring their virtue to the health of man. Many of their leaves are used in medicine to cure diseases. Trees also play a preponderant role in human psychological health. A well-wooded area provides men with an ideal place to relax and so fight stress.


Trees as thermal controllers

The presence of trees in a region makes it possible to regulate the temperature differences therein. By the phenomenon of evapotranspiration, the trees release water vapor, which moistens the air. They have the virtue of refreshing the air. Thus, without the trees, the zone may be exposed to extreme temperature variation ranging from high heat to intense cold.

Trees as water filters

Acting as true water filters, trees greatly improve the quality of water. First of all, they absorb rainwater by percolation and improve the level of the water table. Then, the presence of trees around a stream is essential to block waste and dirt so that it does not pollute surface water. Without forgetting that the shade provided by these trees on the water allows to better oxygenate the aquatic fauna.


Trees for biodiversity

Trees are also vital for animal species. Forests provide animals with safe habitat and food. Know that more than thirty animals can be extinguished following the disappearance of a species of tree. To better protect wildlife, it is strongly recommended to protect forests and plant trees.

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