6 Daily Habits to Stay Positive

Stay Positive

It is in times of crisis that we lose sight of what is essential in our lives. Here are a few tips to get you back on track and find the joy of living on a daily basis.

1. Write down all that gives you reason to be grateful

It might sound a bit “ketamine”, but being grateful is actually a sign of resilience. Do not neglect anything.

  • If you feel lucky to be the proud owner of a house with your room on the ground floor, write it down.
  • Make copies of the list and paste one on your mirror, in the kitchen or in the glove compartment of your car.
  • As soon as you feel like lamenting your fate, take out the list and try to remember all the luck you have.

Stay Positive

2. Change one thing every day

“With age, you lose the ability to see things in a new light,” says Dr. Davey. That is, we lock ourselves up so much in our routines that we no longer notice them. Finally, when the need for change arises, one no longer has the flexibility to adapt to it.

  • To prevent this, it changes one thing from its daily routine.
  • For example, he could brush his teeth with his left hand, take a new ride to work or sleep in another room in his house.

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3. Establish daily goals

Self-confidence requires a sense of accomplishment.

  • It could be a small goal, such as staying with the elderly woman confined to her dwelling at home, or something ambitious, such as getting a new diploma or building a garden house.

Stay Positive

4. Ask the right questions

One is often controlled by the situations instead of dealing with the problem directly. Often, this happens when you have not even bothered to get the information you need.

  • When problems arise, ask questions. Many questions. This will give you enough information to respond appropriately, improving your adaptability.

5. Manage your expectations

If you expect everything to go on wheels when you fly today, you may be disappointed.

Instead, prepare for long delays and luggage losses by bringing more reading materials or playing cards, as well as by not putting anything essential in your checked baggage.

  • This will give you a head start if nothing should happen.
  • This kind of philosophy works particularly well at family reunions, home renovations, and medical treatments.

Stay Positive

6. Recognize the limits of your control

If you have diabetes, for example, and your blood glucose levels continue to fluctuate despite your hard work, acknowledge that you are doing everything you can to better manage the situation and that your doctor may be better placed than you to determine walking to be continued.




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