6 Tips to Keep Your Resolutions


Do you always start the year with the best intentions in the world to realize that you have fallen off the train along the way? Well, that’s it. Follow these six simple steps that will allow you to hold your resolutions until the last day of December.

“You have to admit it,” says personal coach Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Living Your Best Life, “even if you take it every year, the good new year’s resolutions usually do not stand out. In fact, we are 23% abandoning them after a week and 45% doing so after a month. “

To have a chance to hold your resolutions, your goal must be clear and the means you take to achieve it must be appropriate. The personal coaches we consulted tell us about the main causes that lead to the failure of the resolutions and explain how to determine its purpose and keep its motivation in the long term.

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health1. Give yourself a goal that will excite you

“The biggest mistake people make is that, from the start, their goal is inappropriate,” says Talane Miedane, author of Coach Yourself to Success. “For example, it is unnecessary to set a goal to be achieved in more than a year; It does not work. “Thus, the laudable goal of losing weight is a good example: some people maintain it for decades. “If you still want to slim down after trying in vain for years, you should approach things differently,” she said. Join a racing group and train for a marathon or dance classes and sign up for a contest. “

2. Develop a master plan

Determine the means you need to take to reach your goal; This will be your master plan. For example, if you intend to write a novel, you may need to get up an hour earlier. ” To achieve your goals, you must establish a program and integrate it into your daily life,” explains Laura Berman Fortgang. Set up a system that will give you the structure to allow you to make the required changes. “

health3. Adopt the policy of small steps

“By breaking down your goal into steps, each one being an objective in itself, it will be less intimidating and easier to achieve,” says Christa Wagner, professional organizer, and owner of Savvy Solutions. The great ideals, however noble they may be, can give the overwhelming feeling that one is not up to the task; Then there is a good chance that they will be abandoned. Christa Wagner gives an example from his own life: “I am working on a series of e-books from Savvy Solutions. I would like to write about ten. To reach my goal in six months, I have established a weekly and daily program. “

4. Call the reinforcements

“Find allies,” says Laura Berman Fortgang. Join a group of people who share your philosophy, invite a friend to walk with you, hire a coach, in short, call on people who care about your happiness and help you stay on track. “Another good strategy is to team up with another person who pursues a goal and to be mutually aware of each other: they will witness your progress and failures, and you will be his. Finally, in order to obtain the support, you need, Laura Berman Fortgang advises informing the people who accompany you in your approach the form in which you want to be encouraged.

health5. Stay focused on your goal

“I spoke memos on my wall, I keep in the office and I take notes in my agenda,” says Chris Wagner. I often consult with them, make the necessary changes and remove the goals I have achieved from the list. ” The visuals, maps, lists and illustrations that embody success will keep you motivated. Do not hesitate either to imagine yourself in the future, happy to have reached your goal; You will release the power of your subconscious, powerful tool to propel you towards success.

health6. Reward yourself

To stay focused and motivated in the long run, celebrate your little milestone successes. “I reward myself every month by taking a pedicure and every three months by receiving a message,” says Chris Wagner. It regenerates and energizes me. “If you want to lose 9 pounds, for example, do not wait to achieve this goal to celebrate. “For every lost kilo you might, for example, offer you something that will make you feel more attractive; You will significantly increase your chances of achieving your primary goal. “

Christa Wagner adds with affectionate firmness: “Stop looking for excuses. The biggest mistake people make is not to take responsibility for what they do. Shake and take the necessary steps; You are the only person capable of making positive changes in your life. “




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