8 Weeks For a Thin and Healthy Summer


Want to eat better, exercise regularly and feel good about yourself? Our 8-week program is the boost you need. Like most of us, you have repeatedly promised to “eat better” and “exercise” and then lose your motivation and momentum even before you have achieved lasting results. Well, forget the past and join Healthy Pleasures this summer to follow the program for a “Healthy Summer”. Practical and simple to follow, it will help you adopt healthy eating habits and incorporate physical exercise into your life, once and for all.


Why 8 weeks?

It is true that in our frenzied rhythm of life, 8 weeks may seem an eternity, yet it is what it takes to adopt healthy habits and to obtain concrete results. “It’s during this time that your thinking changes,” says Amanda Vogel, a fitness expert, and author based in Vancouver, British Columbia. She developed the “formatting” part of our program. “You will see that you can improve your health and get in shape if you put the time and effort into it.”

That being said, it should be remembered that the program is not a temporary solution, it is a guide to developing healthy lifestyles and keeping them. So we should not expect a rapid but gradual change. Rather than just thinking about your weight, focus on your overall well-being. “Better sleep, more energy and greater confidence in your means are the first beneficial effects you will notice,” says Vogel. Losing lots of weight and bringing out your muscles requires more time. “

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Enjoy the hot season

Summer is the best time of year to develop healthy habits. “The days are longer and people usually have more energy, ” says Mary Bamford, a Toronto-based registered dietitian, and contributor to the Plaisir’s Santé diet plan. “Fresh food is plentiful in the summer and you eat more often.”


Establish a Success Plan

To succeed insists Mrs. Bamford, we must make an extra effort. She proposes to devote 30 minutes a day to draw up a plan of action. This will help you keep your new habits. “It’s not just a diet but a way of life,” she says. The most important are to include in your diet your favorite health foods. “Create recipes and habits knowing they will be a part of your life,” says Bamford.

Keep your motivation

Amanda Vogel offers the following resources to help you follow your goals during the 8 weeks of the program: Establish specific goals: what do you hope to accomplish after 8 weeks, and beyond? And why? List your challenges. What has prevented you from overcoming them in the past? How will you do that now? Form a support network. Follow the program in pairs, either with a friend or a family member. Keep a diary. Write down what you feel after a day of activities and what you have accomplished.

Review your goals every week. Record what has been accomplished and, if necessary, modify things. Think about ways to get the most out of your goals through your daily activities. For example, you could walk more and use the stairs.


Another source of motivation

Take your measurements (your waistline for example), where you want to lose weight. Also, take a picture of you at the beginning of the program. “After 8 weeks, evaluate your progress. This will provide an excellent source of motivation to maintain your healthy eating habits, fitness, and health. “

And the 9th week?

The Healthy Pleasures program is designed to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. With your journal, you will maintain your healthy habits because you now know what foods, meals, and exercises work for you. “After each workout, you should experience normal fatigue and not feel exhausted,” Vogel says.

Also, note what you did not like during the 8 weeks and gradually remove it from your daily life to replace it with things that make you happy. ” It’s by transforming your way of thinking once and for all that you will succeed,” says Mary Bamford. Ask yourself the following question: What can I do to beautify my body and feel good about myself?





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